MomoMilkBar Selling a Thanksgiving Dinner Stuffed Croissant!

I’m slowly being turned into a Momofuku convert, and it feels like Stockholm Syndrome. Symptoms include randomly stopping by to get cake truffles, stuffing my face with pastrami croissants, and daily checking of the Milk Bar Twitter feed (@Momomilkbar). During one of my checks on Monday I spied a tweet about special “Thanksgiving croissants,” available this week only-dangerous words to a lady who loves limited editions. I made sure to get one at the Midtown Milk Bar (on 56th btw 5th+6th).

Thanksgiving Croissant

The Thanksgiving croissant contains white and dark meat turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy. It’s just what you need to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. The filling is excellent as usual: the turkey slices are moist, the meat gravy is peppery, and there’s just enough cranberry sauce to get a taste every now and then. The croissant itself is quite on the heavy side, in both weight and unfortunately, grease. While I was eating this $6 mother as my lunch, I was consistently reminded that grease is nature’s lip gloss. This definitely puts this baby square in the “hangover” category of my book; hopefully, they have it again on Friday when I suspect many a Midtown office-worker will be feeling a bit under the weather.

Momofuku Milk Bar (inside Ma Peche), 15 W. 56th St. (btw. 5+6th)


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