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Omar is Back at Little Morocco!

For those of you who don’t check the ML Forums regularly (what’s wrong with you, btw!) this big news got posted last week by Lunch’er Kopper:  “After an experiment on the East Side that did not go as well as hoped, Omar, the longtime operator of Little Morocco on 39th and 7th is back. So our neighborhood finally has a quality cart again and in addition, he said he was going to add some new items in January. He was working on a new seasoning for the fish and would also be bringing back Kofte. So feel free to drop by and say hi. Its great to have him back.”   Hard to disagree with that!

Former Little Morocco Chef Opens El Kaaba Halal Food Cart

Omar of the El Kaaba Halal Food Cart

Thanks to Lunch’er Kopper for tipping us off to this one in the forums last week…  Omar, the former operator of Little Morocco has opened his own cart. Apparently he didn’t actually own the Little Morocco cart, but as Kopper puts it, “it was his spices/mixes/garbage plates that made the cart as good as it is.” His new cart, El Kaaba Halal Food, offers some of the same stuff he did with Little Morocco with the promise of much more deliciousness to come.

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Little Morocco Back To Form and Testing New Item

The Little Morocco cart returned to its spot at 39th and 7th a few weeks ago, but the food didn’t seem the same. Gone were the beans, corn, free french fries and cilantro. The hot sauce was noticeably weaker. This was cause for concern. Would the real Little Morocco ever return? Well, last week, there was talk in the forums that things were back to normal at Little Morocco, and that there was a new item being served (and that the usual operator had returned). Clearly I had to see it for myself.
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The Little Morocco Cart is Back!

After getting tipped off to Little Morocco‘s return to the NE corner of 39th and 7th in the forums, I immediately headed out yesterday to verify. Sure enough, the street meat cart that ranks among many people’s favorites (myself included) is back! My combo over rice was pretty good, but it was missing the little extras that makes Little Morocco so great (the beans, the corn, the cilantro, the free french fries.) And the hot sauce didn’t seem as hot. I’m not sure if I was just too late in the day for some of that stuff, or if Little Morocco is undergoing some changes after nearly a month of being M.I.A. I’m hoping it was the former…

Little Morocco is Midtown’s Best New Street Meat

Little Morocco Update: Stopped by the Little Morocco cart again yesterday to see if they were back. Sadly the cart is still missing and the guy working the generic cart is in its place said they're getting the cart re-inspected and would be back in two weeks. We're going to hold out hope that's the real reason, and not some health issue as suggested in the comments. Either way, we hope the cart is back soon!

Cart Watch: Little Morocco is Missing!?!


Terrible new for fans of the Little Morocco Cart, the popular street meat cart discovered a year ago this month on 39th and 7th. Lunch’er “Joan” tipped us off that the cart was missing today, replaced by a regular, run-of-the-mill street meat cart. Earlier this summer, Jeremiah discovered they took off fish and kofta from their menu due to lack of demand. Could the overall demand for their food be down as well? Let’s hope not!  Anybody have any more info?  Let us know in the comments…

Little Morocco No Longer Serving Kofta or Shrimp

The last few times I’ve gone to Little Morocco, the delicious street meat cart on the NE corner of 39th and 7th, I’ve asked for the kofta over rice and gotten a shake of the head in reply. I assumed they kept selling out. But yesterday I noticed that the kofta and fried shrimp had been duct taped. The guy running the cart told me that he’d stopped making the kofta because no one was buying it (seriously?!?), and that he’d bring it back if customer demand was there. This means two of the items that put Little Morocco on the map have been discontinued indefinitely. So, head down to Little Morocco and tell him to bring them back. We want kofta! In the meantime, maybe I’ll finally try the fish that Danny liked.

Little Morocco’s Fish Over Rice is a Winner


Lamb over rice. Chicken over rice. Combo over rice. All these things are what brought you here to Midtown Lunch. These things gave us Streetmeat Palooza. This year, one of my favorite carts (Little Morocco) came in dead last. Yeah, out of fifteen competitors they’re last? How could that be? The cart with a great hot sauce and serves kofta over rice (which is hard to find in Midtown), is last?! But I knew that Little Morocco was better than that. And I went back this week to the corner of 39th and 7th to check out something on the menu that was always intriguing to me… fish over rice.

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Little Morocco is Midtown’s Best New Street Meat

Little Morocco

I love how after three years of doing Midtown Lunch, plus Street Meat Palooza and Street Meat Palooza 2 there are still chicken and lamb over rice surprises left in Midtown. Take Little Morocco, on the NE corner of 39th & 7th, which I actually read about in the Midtown Lunch forums (yes, they are good for something!) Lunch’er NoPickles posted about the cart under the title “Spiciest Street Meat Cart”, which naturally caught my attention. After reading his rave, I had to check it out.

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