Cart Watch: Little Morocco is Missing!?!


Terrible new for fans of the Little Morocco Cart, the popular street meat cart discovered a year ago this month on 39th and 7th. Lunch’er “Joan” tipped us off that the cart was missing today, replaced by a regular, run-of-the-mill street meat cart. Earlier this summer, Jeremiah discovered they took off fish and kofta from their menu due to lack of demand. Could the overall demand for their food be down as well? Let’s hope not!  Anybody have any more info?  Let us know in the comments…


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    @GregorysCoffee tweeted this on Aug 6: Little morocco in ny food cart shut down by health dept. Not surprised they shut down, surprised they even get inspected

    I hope they’re not gone for good :-(

  • Let’s hope it’s just a little Ramadan hiatus.

  • I just walked by that corner and I didn’t even notice– there was *a* cart parked in their spot, I just zoomed by and assumed it was Little Morocco….

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    yeah, i noticed they were missing on Tuesday, but thought it was just a one-time event.

  • No longer there? That stinks.
    Though I haven’t had their garbage platter in ages.

  • Walked by on Monday or Tuesday and it looked like the operator was having a seizure or something, and an ambulance was dispatched. Haven’t seen him there since. Hope he’s okay!

  • Sorry, wife just had baby this week so I missed this post. He is sick and is taking a couple of weeks off (so the replacement guy said). Little Morocco will return soon…

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    I hope him all the best! That guy’s awesome. However, has anyone noticed that quality’s been sort of hit or miss lately? They switched over to pressed lamb and it’s otherwise just… I don’t know, not as good. Makes me sad.

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    I think I saw them back this morning!

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    hi guys.
    i got some news about the little morocco.i was there on friday the day the health departement shut down their push cart and that was not for health reasons in other words there was no problem with their food safety.the only problem was a freezer that outside the pushcart in which they put the drinks (soda snapple gatorade ..).so the health depatement informed them to remove it from there but because they did not .they suspend their permit.they may be back in the next two weeks .hopefully.if there is any new guys please let us know .

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