The Little Morocco Cart is Back!

After getting tipped off to Little Morocco‘s return to the NE corner of 39th and 7th in the forums, I immediately headed out yesterday to verify. Sure enough, the street meat cart that ranks among many people’s favorites (myself included) is back! My combo over rice was pretty good, but it was missing the little extras that makes Little Morocco so great (the beans, the corn, the cilantro, the free french fries.) And the hot sauce didn’t seem as hot. I’m not sure if I was just too late in the day for some of that stuff, or if Little Morocco is undergoing some changes after nearly a month of being M.I.A. I’m hoping it was the former…

Little Morocco is Midtown’s Best New Street Meat

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    Either their quality has gone down or maybe I just don’t like their food, but I wasn’t too impressed when I tried them. The hot sauce was very bitter and the meat was a little too tough to chew.

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