Former Little Morocco Chef Opens El Kaaba Halal Food Cart

Omar of the El Kaaba Halal Food Cart

Thanks to Lunch’er Kopper for tipping us off to this one in the forums last week…  Omar, the former operator of Little Morocco has opened his own cart. Apparently he didn’t actually own the Little Morocco cart, but as Kopper puts it, “it was his spices/mixes/garbage plates that made the cart as good as it is.” His new cart, El Kaaba Halal Food, offers some of the same stuff he did with Little Morocco with the promise of much more deliciousness to come.

El Kaaba Cart Grill

The good news is that Omar is trying out new dishes on his new cart. The menu will include chicken and lamb plates like Little Morocco, but he’ll also be featuring fish, hamburgers, chicken barbecue, lamb barbecue (real lamb–not just gyro lamb!) and more.

The not so good news is that the cops chased him from the spot he was eying on 48th and Madison (he got three tickets on Tuesday trying to find a spot!) So as of last week he was parked way out of bounds on 60th and 1st Avenue, and plans to stay there for awhile to see how traffic is. Omar says he noticed that there wasn’t a halal cart in the area so he’s hoping that he’ll be able to fill a need.

In the end he’d love to find another spot in midtown, but if you follow the cart turf wars on this site you know, it’s really tough to cultivate a spot and a following. He appreciates any support he can get, and hopes that some midtown lunchers might be able to make the trek East while he stationed out of bounds.  He even gave us his phone number (it’s below) so people can call their orders in ahead of time if they want.

El Kaaba Halal Food Cart, 60th and 1st Ave, 347-994-5322


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