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Brooklyn’s Burgers Bar Doesn’t Live Up to Its Israeli Counterpart


I guess I was too optimistic yesterday about Kosher Oasis’ connection to the Brooklyn location of Burgers Bar. Lunch’er “Matthew” sent in this email to set the record straight about the popular Israeli chain, and its Brooklyn franchise:

“Hey Zach, Just wanted to say that you shoudn’t even mention that Brooklyn Burgers Bar and Burgers Bar in Israel once had an affiliation. Burgers Bar in Israel is hands down the best burger in the world. My favorite food in the world is melted cheese on anything, so u can imagine the disappointment when I found out no cheese (in Israel)… and still I think it’s the best mass produced burger in the world. Makes In N Out seem like silly kids stuff. Best. Burger. Ever. They have like 20+ sauces for burgers/fries, and have different burger consistencies… usually some beef/lamb combo is the house option. Its insane. Brooklyn Burgers Bar is nothing of the above. Just FYI. I don’t want anyone trying Brooklyn BB and then skippin’ over Burger Bar if they travel to Israel. You could get arrested for such a crime. I kid.”

Well I don’t know about the In N Out = Kids stuff claim, but that’s good to know. Although, I can see a connection between what Kosher Oasis is serving- and what you describe above. The burger did almost taste like it was a combo of lamb and beef (or at least was seasoned to taste that way.) And they did have three specials sauces (garlic mayo, chimichurri, and hot sauce.) Although as a big fan of sauce, I could see how a sauce bar with 20 options for burgers and fries would be incredibly exciting… and sorely missed if it didn’t make to the US franchise.

Eating Through the Menu at the New Kosher Oasis Cart

Eating Through the Menu at the New Kosher Oasis Cart


The new Kosher Oasis Cart has had an interesting first couple of months. It first appeared on 44th street (btw. 6+7th) at the end of last year, but then like a mirage (or oasis?) it reappeared on 47th, only to disappear and reappear again a few times throughout August. It seems to have settled in over on 47th Street (btw. 6+7th), but it was forced to move somewhere else on Wednesdays (possibly related to the intimidation reported by the local news?)

But what about the food?  I headed over recently to sample a few of their menu items. (And by “sample” I mean stuff my fat face with pretty much everything they make.)

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Cartwatch: Kosher Oasis Disappears, Reappears, Disappears Again


The Kosher Oasis cart, which appeared briefly back in December on 44th & 6th, reappeared earlier in the week on the SW corner of 47th & 6th.  I stopped by yesterday to sample their menu of schnitzel, falafel, hot dogs and hamburgers, and they had disappeared once again.  If you spot this cart, let us know in the comments (can you believe they’re not on twitter yet!?!)   I did discover the other day that they are owned by the same people who own the Brooklyn location of Burgers Bar. I had never heard of it, but apparently it’s a very large Israeli hamburger chain which has a few locations here in NYC.  Anybody ever been?  If it’s good, it might bode well for the burgers from this cart… that is, if it ever returns.

UPDATE: The cart parks on 47th btw. 6+7th every day but Wednesdays.  On Wednesday it has been parking on 49th btw. 6+7th.