Cartwatch: Kosher Oasis Disappears, Reappears, Disappears Again


The Kosher Oasis cart, which appeared briefly back in December on 44th & 6th, reappeared earlier in the week on the SW corner of 47th & 6th.  I stopped by yesterday to sample their menu of schnitzel, falafel, hot dogs and hamburgers, and they had disappeared once again.  If you spot this cart, let us know in the comments (can you believe they’re not on twitter yet!?!)   I did discover the other day that they are owned by the same people who own the Brooklyn location of Burgers Bar. I had never heard of it, but apparently it’s a very large Israeli hamburger chain which has a few locations here in NYC.  Anybody ever been?  If it’s good, it might bode well for the burgers from this cart… that is, if it ever returns.

UPDATE: The cart parks on 47th btw. 6+7th every day but Wednesdays.  On Wednesday it has been parking on 49th btw. 6+7th.


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    It looked like it was setting up on the SW corner of 47th and 6th this morning.

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    burger’s bar is alright. since it’s kosher there’s really only one way to order a burger: overpriced, overcooked, and cheese-less. but they do have many interesting sauces they’ll pile on, wonder if they have those at the cart…

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    Confirmed… they are there. Just got a schnitzel on a baguette for $6.50. About the size of a footlong from subway – it was delicious!

  • i shoulda had this for lunch

  • Gotta second the schnitzel — really, it’s “crispy chicken” on the menu — sandwich. Big baguette, soft, doughy, the chicken is really good and not terribly greasy. $7 and it’s about two chicken cutlets, with your sauce choice (spicy sauce is likely the best choice for this). Quick, too.

    Anyone know what “Meditteranean Fingers” are? French fries maybe, only made from something else?

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    Kosher Oasis is def the best food cart in the city, I was amazed how clean it was and how very fresh the vegetables were…I had the Burger once and it was incredible, went back the next day and tried the falafel and I can say with all honesty that it was the best falafel I ever had in my life!! Theyre at 47th and 6th
    just talking bout it makes me hungry..:)

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    arrgghh.. gotta get these guys on twitter. Was dying for a burger today and they were no where to be found. Anyone seen them this week?

  • Yeah, they were there on Monday. I wonder what the deal is!?

  • You realize that you’re all wondering why a cart named Kosher OASIS appears before your eyes, and then disappears…. Right?

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    Got some clarity for all interested… He is there everyday except Wedensdays, b/c apparantly he has to find a diff. spot to work from that day.

    Had a schnitzel again today w/ the hot sauce, in a wonderful food coma now.

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    I was told tht they are on twitter. must be recent

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    Ur right genius. I spoke to the owners and it turns out they’re allowed to park on 47 street and 6 ave everyday but wednesday. I think wednesday theyll be on 44 or 45 street and 6 ave as they’re trying to find the best spot available. I tried the burgers, schnitzel, onion rings, hot dogs, and falafel and can honestly say as im a big fan of burgers bar which is where the food comes from, that it’s absolutely delicious! It’s about time we had something affordable, kosher and delicious in manhattan. Thank you kosher oasis!

  • Today it’s on 49th between 6th and 7th a bit west of delfrisco’s.

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  • Wow! It’s Kosheroasis! You really are an oasis the way you pop up and disappear.

    I really hope you stick to it and fend off the idiots threatening you. You have some great food (I think you could compete with Moishe for having great felafel).

    I’ll say hi tomorrow (if you’re parked on 49th st as expected) :)

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    i am waiting for u to say hello….
    and ty for your comment..
    shana tova.

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