New Cart Alert: Kosher Oasis

Kosher Oasis

It looks like Moshe’s Falafel (on 45th & 6th) is no longer the only Kosher cart on the block. Kosher Oasis popped up on the SW corner of 44th & 6th a few weeks ago selling falafel, schnitzel (fried chicken cutlets), soups, and kosher hot dogs.  The schnitzel hasn’t been selling well so they plan on taking it off the menu, but maybe if enough people go ask for it (hint hint) he’ll keep it around (what can I say?  I love the idea of schnitzel from a cart!)

The kosher hot dogs have been the most popular item so far, but they are still tweaking the menu.  Any early adopters tried this cart yet?  Feel free to comment below.


  • The beauty of the cart’s facade is totally ruined by the disheveled hobo out front … proprietor?

    Manly men will know that’s a Suzuki DR-Z400 motorbike parked behind the cart

  • I noticed it walking to TriniPak yesterday. The palm trees got my hopes up that it’d be a Hawaiian plate lunch place with lau lau and musubi. Epic letdown.

  • WOW! For a Kosher foodie this is MAJOR NEWS! I’ve been so jealous of all my friends who are able to partake in street meat! In 20 minutes I will finally take my triumphant bite into street meat for the first time. Bye, bye, Moshe’s.

  • One’s priorities are badly misplaced when eating “kosher” food, so-called, becomes more important than eating food that isn’t infested with vermin from such a filthy food truck.

  • Sad for me that DocChuck’s health concerns did not stop him from buying me used. Sadder still for DocChuck’s health concerns that he was too cheap to even spend the few pennies to clean me out before making use of my services.

  • This is so awesome…I love having more Halal/Kosher options. This is better than…..the moon landing…hehehehe…almost.

  • ….but kosher hotdogs really happened….

  • the best food ever

  • this is the best food in Manhattan which is kosher

  • The best falafel you will ever eat.

    do not forget the first glatt kosher hot dog cart in nyc wowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    i love it
    good luck

  • Is this cart still around? i went by yesterday and didnt see it

  • @Levi – Yeah, I’ve gone back a few times to try it and it’s been missing. Maybe it’s too cold? Maybe it’s gone forever. Who knows…

  • Seriously, does anyone know where this delightful cart went?…the hotdog was sooo yum. did it change locations? If anyone knows…feel free to respond. Thanks!

  • I just spoke to the owners of this great cart. They are working on coming back soon.

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