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New Cart Alert: Kosher Oasis

Kosher Oasis

It looks like Moshe’s Falafel (on 45th & 6th) is no longer the only Kosher cart on the block. Kosher Oasis popped up on the SW corner of 44th & 6th a few weeks ago selling falafel, schnitzel (fried chicken cutlets), soups, and kosher hot dogs.  The schnitzel hasn’t been selling well so they plan on taking it off the menu, but maybe if enough people go ask for it (hint hint) he’ll keep it around (what can I say?  I love the idea of schnitzel from a cart!)

The kosher hot dogs have been the most popular item so far, but they are still tweaking the menu.  Any early adopters tried this cart yet?  Feel free to comment below.

Update: Yum Thai

Does Yum Thai read Midtown Lunch? (Probably not, but a guy can dream right?)  They hung up a sign last week after my posting on Wednesday:

If you can’t read the writing it says ”We will open next week.  Please call to check before you come.  (Tel. 212-819-0884).  Sorry for this matter.  Thank you.”

Popeyes Returns to Midtown and Yum Thai set to re-open

The hits just keep on coming in ’07.  I walked by this amazing sign last week on 40th btw. 7th & 8th:

That’s right, Popeyes is back baby!  When my wife first started working in Midtown, there was a Popeyes in the 40s btw. 5th & 6th (I think it was on 46th).  But by the time I had started working there, it had disappeared (literally… I think they tore the whole building down).  Very disappointing.  Sure, there are other places for fried chicken in Midtown- but none that are as cheap, spicy, or with biscuits that are so delicious, they leave you wondering whether the main ingredient is biscuit or butter. 

Anyway, if you are sick of your desk job, and looking for a move into the chicken and biscuits field, they are hiring.  Just call 347-534-5478.  A call to that number revealed that they plan on opening within two weeks.  I’ll be there on Day 1 with a bib on (you don’t want to get beans and rice on your work clothes).



There’s other good news in that same area of town.  I’ve gotten a few worried emails and comments about Yum Thai (44th btw. B’way & 6th) being shuttered.  Fear not cheap Thai fans- they were only closed for renovations and plan on re-opening tomorrow (Thursday). Though to be safe, I may wait until Friday or Monday before trekking over there.  

And now for my first installment of “Restaurant Tips from a guy who knows very little about the restaurant industry, but knows this”:

Tip #1:  If you are going to temporarily close down your business (for whatever reason), but plan on re-opening, put a sign up to let your customers know that you are not closed forever.  Even if the sign has poor grammar, and you get made fun of on a blog, you will still get your point across…

Yum Thai

The measure of a good Thai restaurant is not necessarily from their Pad Thai… but for some reason it’s the first thing I order when trying a place out.  And, when I say “That Thai restaurant is great” it’s usually because I liked their Pad Thai.  It’s sort of silly, but it’s something people do all the time.  You recommend a place, based on what you like (and always order)- not necessarily taking into account what the person you’re telling, likes to order.

For some it’s the curries, or spring rolls, for me, it’s usually the Pad Thai.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good green curry or Pad Si Ew, just as much as the next guy.  But Pad Thai is what I start with.  The go to guy.  If you can’t do Pad Thai… I’m probably not going back.

When I started this blog, I got a lot of comments urging me to go to Yum Thai, and I have to say I was not disappointed.  A small, hole in the wall place- it’s the kind of place you walk by 100 times, not sure if you want to try it out.  It looks sort of dirty from the outside, and they’ve got pictures of food in the window (never a good sign).  All you need is that one recommendation to get you to try it out.  Well, consider this your recommendation.

You order at a counter, and then can sit down at one of their 10 or so tables or you can take it to go.  They cook the food right behind the counter, just a few feet from the tables, so it can get kind of hot in there- especially during the summer.  So, taking the food to go might be the way to do it.

The +/- and a picture of my Pad Thai, after the jump… Read more »