Update: Yum Thai

Does Yum Thai read Midtown Lunch? (Probably not, but a guy can dream right?)  They hung up a sign last week after my posting on Wednesday:

If you can’t read the writing it says ”We will open next week.  Please call to check before you come.  (Tel. 212-819-0884).  Sorry for this matter.  Thank you.”


  • Actually it’s 212-819-0554, “if you can’t read”

  • Damn – Closed by Health Dept…11/7

  • Yum Yum is back in business and it was quite yummy today at lunch.

    I think you are thinking of Yum Yum on 9th Ave. Yum Thai on 44th btw. 6+7th is still closed, and I’m pretty sure isn’t coming back. -zach

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