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Lunch’er Teresa Reports: New Thai Food Cart on 52nd

Remember the days when we used to beg for somebody to open a Thai food cart in Midtown? Well, now we have two! Lunch’er Teresa checked in yesterday to let us know about a new Thai food cart on 52nd and 6th Ave.

Not sure if you’ve seen, but there’s a new thai food cart on the SW corner of 52nd St and 6th Ave – located next to Gobuki (korean cart). I haven’t seen anything about this cart on the internet anywhere so thought you might want to review it. Not sure of the name, but there’s a single guy working in an old halal cart. This cart definitely gives tuktuk boy a run for its money.

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Smokey Burger Organic And One Thai Chef Are Now Open

A whole year in the making, Smokey Burger Organic finally opened on 45th btw 8+9th at the top of the year. I stopped by to check out the menu and was a little shocked that it is nothing like anything in the area, when it comes to burgers. Not even close. Craving an elk burger or perhaps ostrich? Smokey Burger Organic has you covered … but it’s going to cost you. This is no Midtown Lunch.
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Room Service’s Crispy Duck Salad is Quacktastic

Room Service is one of the many Thai joints open on 9th Avenue, slightly north of what I call “Yum Yum row,” more commonly known as 46th street. It’s not wholly different from its neighbors — they all have similar lunch specials, most within the Midtown Lunch price range — but when I’m in the mood for a salad, instead of hitting up some deli, I often turn to the crispy duck salad at Room Service.

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Has Tuk Tuk Boy Upped Their Game?

Tuk Tuk Boy, the Thai food cart on 50th btw. 6+7th, got off to a rough start back when it opened, but now that they’ve been on the street for a few months (and presumably had a chance to work out the kinks) I checked back in to see if there’s been any improvement. You might remember, Chris experienced a particularly sad looking Pad Thai that certainly didn’t justify the wait he endured to get it.  Well I’m happy to report that my chicken pad thai ($6.99) looked nothing like Chris’, and didn’t taste the way he described either.

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50% Off Heng 2 Thai Bistro: Although it is out of bounds, this Google Offer from Heng 2 Thai Bistro (on 10th btw 51st+52nd) is pretty sweet. $7.50 gets you $15 worth of Thai food at Heng 2 Thai Bistro. With all lunch specials within the Midtown Lunch budget, that's a great deal. But, read the fine print, this deal can only be used for dine-in and in one visit.

Red Basil Thai Kitchen Is At The Columbus Circle Holiday Market, Too!

As Anna wrote earlier this week, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market is going on now, and there are several great options for lunch. She sampled the empanadas from both Sizzle and La Sonrisa, as well as cider things at Breezy Hill Orchard. Plus, there’s Wafels & Dinges, German Delights Bratwurst and the Turkish pastries from MMM … Enfes that Brownie was a big fan of from the Bryant Park holiday fair. Shamefully omitted from the previous writeup was Red Basil Thai Kitchen, which hails from Astoria and has a stand between the Brats and the Turks.

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Rain Thai is Another Solid Option in Midtown East

Today my weekly Thai food craving struck. Having just come off a gluttonous holiday weekend, I decided to forgo my usual noodle grease bomb and try something a little lighter. As I was perusing menus for places in my neighborhood, I came across Rain Thai, a relatively new addition to the ethnic food enclave on 53rd between 2nd and 3rd. I was particularly struck by the delicious sounding and amusingly named item Grilled Moo Yang: marinated pork served with spicy chili and sticky rice ($10).

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Qi Bangkok Eatery’s Pad See Ew Is A Winner

If the new Pad Thai Cart on 50th and 6th has taught us anything this week it’s that the heart of Midtown has a serious craving for thai food.  The cart was packed yesterday (reports had the line at 20+ people) and they ran out of food shortly after 1pm.  But I’m more of a pad see ew kind of girl.  Located on 8th Ave. btw. 42+43rd, Qi Thai isn’t quite as far as the places on 9th and Chris had nice things to say about their reasonable lunch specials back in the spring.

But how is their Pad See Ew?  I needed to find out…

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Qi Thai’s Lunch Specials Are a Bargain (Served Up With a Side of Zen)

Qi Exterior
The other week, we got a peek inside the newly opened Qi Thai restaurant (43rd St & 8th Ave), and I recently dropped by for lunch. Given the location, just a stone’s throw from Times Square, I came with the most modest of expectations. Those expectations were, for the most part, met and exceeded by this fledgling restaurant, which serves fairly priced, moderate-to-good food in a startlingly gorgeous dining room.
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Pichet Ong’s Qi Thai Now Open for Lunch

Qi Thai outside
The lunchers of Midtown West just got another Thai restaurant with the opening of a Midtown branch of Qi (pronounced: “Chee”) Thai restaurant (8th Ave between 42nd and 43rd St). What’ll set this place apart from the original Qi Thai in Union Square, is that notable pâtisserie and restaurateur, Pichet Ong, will be the consulting Chef for the restaurant, and is hoping to focus the flavors on food from the Bangkok region of Thailand.

The early good news – the lunch prices seem more than fair, with everything falling comfortably under the $10 mark. And the restaurant space is exceptionally large for the area, ensuring enough seating to accommodate workday lunchers as well as the inevitable cadre of tourists. To get more of a preview, click through for the lunch menu and a shot of the interior.
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