Go for the Gözleme at the Bryant Park Holiday Fair

I don’t know about you, but Blondie and Chris’ respective holiday market eats posts made me jealous and hungry. So yesterday I headed over to Bryant Park to get in on some of that holiday market action.

mmm...enfes menu

I was actually planning on just walking through Bryant Park and finding lunch elsewhere south of 42nd street. When I spotted Mmm…Enfes’ booth at the NW corner of the park, I knew I didn’t need to go any farther for lunch. Their menu features a selection of Turkish pastries including bourek, gul bourek, baklava, and gözleme, a traditional Turkish hand rolled pastry. One of the ladies behind the counter strongly recommended the spinach and onion gözleme ($6) so I went for that. It was heated to order and I chose to get it with hot sauce.

Spinach Gözleme

The gözleme was truly delicious. The pastry itself was light and tender with a very tasty spinach and onion filling. The hot sauce perked up the flavor with a tangy little zing. I had just the gözleme for lunch and to be honest, if I had time, I would have supplemented that with soup or perhaps another pastry. If you have a lighter appetite, you might find that the gözleme is satisfying enough itself.

For sweets lovers, Rebecca over at the Bryant Park Blog calls their baklava the “moistest and most honey-laden I’ve ever tasted.” The lady running the stand says that she doesn’t have a stop yet, but she’s trying to do fairs and festivals to get started. They just started a Mmm…Enfes Facebook page and it’s pretty bare now, but the owner told me that’s where she plans to put updates etc.

I’ll definitely be paying a return visit while the market is still up. For more info on the Shops at Bryant Park, check out their site.

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  • I had the chicken gozeme, and found it to be kind of bland. If I go back, I’ll have to try the spinach one.

    I had a piece of baklava, and I have to say it was really tasty. Part of me wished I had just ordered 4 pieces of baklava instead of the gozeme. It seemed a bit pricy tho ($1.50 for a two-bite sized piece), but I’ve never actually bought baklava so no idea if this is the norm.

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