Smokey Burger Organic And One Thai Chef Are Now Open

A whole year in the making, Smokey Burger Organic finally opened on 45th btw 8+9th at the top of the year. I stopped by to check out the menu and was a little shocked that it is nothing like anything in the area, when it comes to burgers. Not even close. Craving an elk burger or perhaps ostrich? Smokey Burger Organic has you covered … but it’s going to cost you. This is no Midtown Lunch.

Although it is super-fascinating, unfortunately the menu is way out of range, as you can see. On the day I stopped by, they weren’t yet open at lunchtime so I couldn’t check it out further, but I’d be interested to see if they begin offering lunch specials down the line. For now, I’d probably only consider this for dinner.¬†One Thai Chef is also open next door and is a little more upscale-looking than the typical Thai spots on Yum Yum row. Unfortunately, this also means they’ve also priced themselves out of Midtown Lunch range, at least for now. Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

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