At Lunch Now: A New Pad Thai Cart Hits the Street!

For years we’ve always dreamed of the day that Midtown might get a Pad Thai cart (we even suggested a prototype), and it looks like that day has finally come! We just spotted a new cart called Tuk Tuk Boy on 50th btw. 6+7th selling pad thai ($5.99), spring rolls ($3), chicken satay ($3) and red curry ($5.99). Apparently they’ve been uptown, but today is their first day on 50th (which they plan on making their permanent location.)

Lunch’er Tom has already tried the Pad Thai, and reports that it’s “tasty and mildly spicy”. Check out a photo after the jump…

Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.


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    Oh man I wish I had seen this before I went got lunch already.

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    hopefully they’ll be there on Wednesday for lunch. Tomorrow’s lunch is already planned to be the italian wedding soup from Pret

  • Stopped by the cart at 1:05. They were sold out of everything except chicken and rice. They asked me to please come back tomorrow.

  • I tried this place. It actually had a small line in the rain which was impressive considering no one else in that area had a line. I had the Chicken Pad Thai and the Thai Dumplings. The dumplings were forgettable. The Pad Thai seemed under-flavored until I squeezed the lime wedge that came with it. Then the flavors lit up. Overall it was good. I was more interested in other menu items, but I wanted to try a staple item.

    Next time I plan to get one of the seafood options. This place is definitely worth a visit, especially on the Thai lacking east side.

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