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Another New Tuk Tuk Boy Cart Hits Midtown

Earlier this fall, Tuk Tuk Boy expanded East, opening not one, but two new carts on Park Avenue. Now, they’ve expanded West with Bankkok Thai Street Food on 43rd btw 5th and 6th, near Trini Paki Boys and STK Out. These guys have really cornered the market on Thai food carts in Midtown, launching four carts in just 13-months time. I stopped by to check out how the newbie stacks up to the mother ship on 50th street between 6th and 7th.

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Tuk Tuk Boy Thai Opens Two More Carts on Park Ave.

Tuk Tuk Boy

The Tuk Tuk Boy team has certainly been busy over the summer. Not only have they improved their pad thai at their original location, but they’ve expanded Eastward, opening not one, but two new carts along Park Ave. Not only that, I re-sampled their dishes and am happy to report that they’ve made significant strides in improving the overall taste and quality of their food.

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Has Tuk Tuk Boy Upped Their Game?

Tuk Tuk Boy, the Thai food cart on 50th btw. 6+7th, got off to a rough start back when it opened, but now that they’ve been on the street for a few months (and presumably had a chance to work out the kinks) I checked back in to see if there’s been any improvement. You might remember, Chris experienced a particularly sad looking Pad Thai that certainly didn’t justify the wait he endured to get it.  Well I’m happy to report that my chicken pad thai ($6.99) looked nothing like Chris’, and didn’t taste the way he described either.

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You Might Want to Think Twice About Waiting in Line for Tuk-Tuk Boy

Pad Thai Cart

Our fearless leader, Zach Brooks, as well as several profiled Midtown Lunch’ers have publicly expressed how great it would for a Thai cart or food truck to make their presence in Midtown. You see, Thai restaurants are oddly absent from Midtown proper. Sure, 8th and 9th Avenue are practically glutted with Thai restaurants that range from acceptable to awesome, and there’s a handful of serviceable Thai restaurants on the east side, mostly clustered around the lower 50′th streets at 2nd and 3rd avenue – certainly a stretch for the lunch’ers located in central Midtown. Even after 10 minutes of tooling around on Yelp extensive research, I couldn’t locate any Thai restaurants remotely close to Midtown central aside from the laughably bad Thai at Dee Daa and overpriced and underwhelming Thai at Nanking.

This lack of affordable Thai food is why we got so excited when we saw that a new Thai food cart, called Tuk-Tuk Boy, appeared on 50th between 6th & 7th this week.  And clearly we weren’t the only ones.  For the second day in the row the line was 20 people deep for most of lunch yesterday, and we heard that the cart ran out of most items shortly after 1pm.

But you might want to curb that enthusiasm a bit for now…
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At Lunch Now: A New Pad Thai Cart Hits the Street!

For years we’ve always dreamed of the day that Midtown might get a Pad Thai cart (we even suggested a prototype), and it looks like that day has finally come! We just spotted a new cart called Tuk Tuk Boy on 50th btw. 6+7th selling pad thai ($5.99), spring rolls ($3), chicken satay ($3) and red curry ($5.99). Apparently they’ve been uptown, but today is their first day on 50th (which they plan on making their permanent location.)

Lunch’er Tom has already tried the Pad Thai, and reports that it’s “tasty and mildly spicy”. Check out a photo after the jump…

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