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STK OUT Opens Outdoor Seating Area

UPDATE: We recently learned that the bar area between STK and STK OUT is in fact an extension of STK and all drinks and food are from this menu. STK OUT does not serve alcoholic beverages.

STK OUT, the takeaway version of hoity toity STK Midtown, has some reasonably priced lunch options. My coworkers and I noticed a scantly-stocked one room bar plopped in the middle of an outdoor seating area had just opened next to STK Out in the plaza outside of the 43rd Street side of the Grace building (43rd btw 5th+6th). We were hoping this would be a nice alternative for outdoor seating when Bryant Park Grill is too crowded. But the bar feels more like STK than STK OUT But the bar is actually a section of STK and not part of the outdoor seating area of STK OUT: a Sam Adams bottle is airport price at 8 bucks and wines are between 13 and 16 bucks. If they’re looking for a good after work crowd, they’re going to need to change their strategy and put on a Happy Hour special. Judging by the lack of customers when we were there last Friday, my midtown comrades feel the same way.  Check it out; you can hardly find a seat!

No More Sweet Potater Tots At STK OUT

Sad face. STK OUT has been open for only a couple months and they’ve already changed their menu. Guess what didn’t make the cut? The sweet potater tots I enjoyed so much when they first opened. The good news is that the mac & cheese bites are still available. Oh, and all menu items are now under $10.

STK OUT, 43rd and 6th

Eat At STK OUT For The Mac N’ Cheese Bites

Every time I’ve been by STK OUT over the past few days my eyes have wondered around the menu and landed on the lower left hand yellow circle. Bites. That’s where the sweet potater tots came from, and more recently, the mac n’ cheese bites.

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A Look at Two of STK OUT’s Sandwiches (And Sweet Potater Tots!)

When STK OUT opened this week in the Grace Building Plaza on 43rd and 6th, we were pleasantly surprised to find the menu items were mostly within the ML price range. The menu is divided into cutesy sections like “sammies” and “bevies,” but we won’t hold that against them, because the food has been pretty solid so far.

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Free Frozen Treats Alert: STK OUT opened yesterday but is hosting their launch event -- complete with a DJ -- today on 43rd and 6th avenue in their new Grace Building Plaza location (let me assure you, you'll definitely hear it before you see it). Models on roller skates are handing out frozen treats to the crowd until 3:30, so if you're in the area, you might want to swing by for some free eats!

At Lunch Now: STK OUT Is Open, and is (Shockingly) ML Friendly!

STK OUT is open for business on 43rd and 6th ave, and the menu is surprisingly Midtown Lunch friendly! Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and sandwiches are mostly under $10, with a few exceptions including the STK sammie ($12), the seared tuna sammie ($11) and the lobster wrap ($14). So, premium items are pricey — no surprises there.

Check out the menu after the jump…

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STK OUT To Finally Open Wednesday?

It’s been over 9 months since STK Out first displaced the Trini Paki Cart, but according to their Facebook and Twitter Wednesday will be the grand opening. Sure enough I walked by today and they were wearing down the temporary window coverings in preparation for their opening. Despite the name and all the talk of it being perfect for the lunch crowd looking for gourmet meals on the go, all early signs point to this place being way out of the Midtown Lunch price range. I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday!