No More Sweet Potater Tots At STK OUT

Sad face. STK OUT has been open for only a couple months and they’ve already changed their menu. Guess what didn’t make the cut? The sweet potater tots I enjoyed so much when they first opened. The good news is that the mac & cheese bites are still available. Oh, and all menu items are now under $10.

STK OUT, 43rd and 6th


  • I stopped by about a week ago and was so sad to see the sweet potato tots were gone. They really were delish.

  • I despise cutsie food names. Perhaps they will bring them back as “fried sweet potato cylinders” .

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    Why would they take off the best side on the menu??? Stupidity! I hope they are reading this and put it back on due to popular demand. I am happy they lowered prices, though.

  • furst day took ar jarbs…now day took ar potaters!!!!

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    Just went there for lunch for the 3rd or 4th time and was pretty disappointed. got some onion rings(very good) and a regular cheeseburger. The cheeseburger tasted pre-cooked or frozen, and was very greasy so much so that the bread got soggy(my office is 1min away so it wasn’t in commute very long either).
    On top of the unsatisfactory beef, they put 2 pickles on the burger that were no lie larger than the burger patty itself. I had to take the pickles out because all you can taste is pickle if you try to eat it as constructed.

    Last time I came, The mac & cheese bites were dry bland and not all that cheesy.

    Pretty much going to avoid this place altogether going forward.

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