Eat At STK OUT For The Mac N’ Cheese Bites

Every time I’ve been by STK OUT over the past few days my eyes have wondered around the menu and landed on the lower left hand yellow circle. Bites. That’s where the sweet potater tots came from, and more recently, the mac n’ cheese bites.

So let’s discuss mac n’ cheese bites. I can’t imagine why more people don’t bread and fry bites of mac n’ cheese. Golden and crunchy on the outside, yet soft and warm on the inside, these were little bites of comfort food heaven.

They weren’t as gooey as I expected, but the mac n’ cheese was seasoned really well. I counted 15 bites in the container, which is actually a really decent portion for $4.

Although they haven’t been in the neighborhood long, I’ve been pretty pleased with STK OUT so far. While their sandwiches are worth a trip — the STK burger was savory and sweet with the added truffle oil and caramelized onions, and the chicken sandwich was also very good — the menu’s side dishes have been the stars so far.

STK OUT, 43rd and 6th


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