STK OUT Opens Outdoor Seating Area

UPDATE: We recently learned that the bar area between STK and STK OUT is in fact an extension of STK and all drinks and food are from this menu. STK OUT does not serve alcoholic beverages.

STK OUT, the takeaway version of hoity toity STK Midtown, has some reasonably priced lunch options. My coworkers and I noticed a scantly-stocked one room bar plopped in the middle of an outdoor seating area had just opened next to STK Out in the plaza outside of the 43rd Street side of the Grace building (43rd btw 5th+6th). We were hoping this would be a nice alternative for outdoor seating when Bryant Park Grill is too crowded. But the bar feels more like STK than STK OUT But the bar is actually a section of STK and not part of the outdoor seating area of STK OUT: a Sam Adams bottle is airport price at 8 bucks and wines are between 13 and 16 bucks. If they’re looking for a good after work crowd, they’re going to need to change their strategy and put on a Happy Hour special. Judging by the lack of customers when we were there last Friday, my midtown comrades feel the same way.  Check it out; you can hardly find a seat!


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    couldn’t agree more. STK & STK Midtown are a joke! There seems to be no thought in either operation.

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    Is the entire plaza now off limits to non STK / STK OUT customers or can anyone still sit there?

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    They reserved half the space for STK bar area with, but there are tables and chairs for public usage ouside the ‘bar perimeter’. This sucks because the entire area used to be open to public and not just for ‘drinkers’.

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