At Lunch Now: STK OUT Is Open, and is (Shockingly) ML Friendly!

STK OUT is open for business on 43rd and 6th ave, and the menu is surprisingly Midtown Lunch friendly! Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and sandwiches are mostly under $10, with a few exceptions including the STK sammie ($12), the seared tuna sammie ($11) and the lobster wrap ($14). So, premium items are pricey — no surprises there.

Check out the menu after the jump…

By 1 p.m. they were already out of a few menu items, including the old school and STK burgers and the lobster wrap, and the people taking orders were alerting patrons that the wait for food would be 20 minutes. Anyone wait in the rain today? Tell us what you thought in the comments.


  • Sammies? Bevies? That’s just so adorably precious. Who exactly are they trying to appeal to here? The crowd outside The Today Show?

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    Saw a big crowd today…that’s until the rain arrived noon-ish. Now that the sun is out again, I’m sure the line will form again. Heard there’ll be servers on rollerblades tomorrow serving customers and carts selling frozen treats.

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    I checked out STK yesterday using the promotion from urbandaddy and that’s probably the only reason I’d go there. I had the STK burger and truffle fries. The burger was solid, grilled onions were great. But when BV burger is so close to STK and offers a great burger for a cheaper price, I don’t see why you’d go to STK. The fries are a complete waste at STK by the way, I think I got about 4 fries for $4. I haven’t tried out other items on the menu, but shakes for $6 and sodas/waters for $3!?! You could be in for almost a $20 lunch if you got a burger, fries and drink.

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    The lemony Caesar salad was not particularly lemony, it was super small, and only consisted of lettuce, a little Parmesan cheese, chives (which I have never seen on a Caesar salad before), and a side of dressing. It was tiny – half the size of a normal take out salad. There was way too much dressing for the salad. They cooked and chopped some chicken for me, but the chicken was clearly just extra herb chicken that didn’t really go with the wrap. It was served on the side in a box. And they charged like $4-5 extra for it. So it was a very lame $12 salad.

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