Columbus Circle Holiday Market Is Now Open

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The Columbus Circle Holiday Market is going on now through December 24th. According to their website, it is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 8pm, and Sunday from 10am to 7pm. There are stalls with gifts and goodies, as well as food and dessert vendors.

Lunch’er Jill mentioned it in the forums the other day, and seemed pretty excited about Pies & Thighs (which was at the market last year). Sadly, I don’t think Pies & Thighs is back. But I did manage to drum up some other tasty treats.

After perusing the different food options avaiable (they were plentiful), I decided to try one empanada from each of the two empanada vendors: a Chicken Garlic Parmesan ($3.50) from this lovely gentleman at Sizzles, and a Coconut Curry Chicken ($3.00) from La Sonrisa.

The Chicken Garlic Parmesan was indeed very garlicky and had a distinctive parmesan flavor. It was actually very tasty and different from any empanada I’ve ever had, but the pureed texture of the innards and lukewarm temperature were a little bit offputting.

Despite the smushed appearance in the photo, the La Sonrisa Coconut Curry Chicken empanada was the clear winner of the empanada-off. The exterior was fried to a deep golden brown, the interior was piping hot, and you could easily distinguish the shredded chicken pieces, onions, and curry spices, which came together in a delicious flavor explosion.

And of course, you can’t go to a holiday market without getting one of these bad boys:

Apple cider and an apple cider donut from Breezy Hill Orchard (Cider: $3 for 12 oz, $4 for 16 oz. Donut: priceless 3 for $3.50).

Other food options at the market include Wafels & Dinges, German Delights Bratwurst, MMM Enfes, and many more. There are tons of booths selling everything: jewelry, clothes, art, and even a stand selling DIY Kombucha Tea kits. Definitely check out the Columbus Circle Holiday Market for a little holiday cheer, gift shopping, and culinary delights before it’s gone!

Columbus Circle Holiday Market, Columbus Circle

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