Popeyes Returns to Midtown and Yum Thai set to re-open

The hits just keep on coming in ’07.  I walked by this amazing sign last week on 40th btw. 7th & 8th:

That’s right, Popeyes is back baby!  When my wife first started working in Midtown, there was a Popeyes in the 40s btw. 5th & 6th (I think it was on 46th).  But by the time I had started working there, it had disappeared (literally… I think they tore the whole building down).  Very disappointing.  Sure, there are other places for fried chicken in Midtown- but none that are as cheap, spicy, or with biscuits that are so delicious, they leave you wondering whether the main ingredient is biscuit or butter. 

Anyway, if you are sick of your desk job, and looking for a move into the chicken and biscuits field, they are hiring.  Just call 347-534-5478.  A call to that number revealed that they plan on opening within two weeks.  I’ll be there on Day 1 with a bib on (you don’t want to get beans and rice on your work clothes).



There’s other good news in that same area of town.  I’ve gotten a few worried emails and comments about Yum Thai (44th btw. B’way & 6th) being shuttered.  Fear not cheap Thai fans- they were only closed for renovations and plan on re-opening tomorrow (Thursday). Though to be safe, I may wait until Friday or Monday before trekking over there.  

And now for my first installment of “Restaurant Tips from a guy who knows very little about the restaurant industry, but knows this”:

Tip #1:  If you are going to temporarily close down your business (for whatever reason), but plan on re-opening, put a sign up to let your customers know that you are not closed forever.  Even if the sign has poor grammar, and you get made fun of on a blog, you will still get your point across…


  • Yum Thai’s “renovations” were the result of a fire a few weeks ago. It was rather bizarre when their phone was constantly busy for 15 minutes when trying to order. Walked over and was in the middle of a sea of firefighters.

  • Lucky me, there’s a Popeye’s about 15 minute walk from here. :) People always laugh at me but I think their fast food fried chicken is better than any of the other places

  • Oh, and their sides are awesome. The mashed with a slightly spicy gravy with.. chorizo I think? in it, or the dirty rice… I usually get both =X

  • I thought there was a popeye’s on 7th Avenue in the upper 40′s low 50s at one time. Hmmmm

  • There is a KFC on 50th & 7th Ave…


    But as any Popeyes lover will tell you… it’s a whole different animal.

  • There used to be one on the corner of 48th and 7th, (near the Teriyaki Boy). About 2 years ago, the building they were in was sold and emptied out, and the entire structure was demolished. They put up a new condo development in its place.

  • Being from the south, there was never a concern about shortage of Popeye’s.. In fact, you could find one inside nearly every Wal-Mart or at most neighborhood Jiffy Lubes… My favorite move was making a chicken sandwhich with the oh so buttery biscuits and top’d off with the creamy beans-n-rice… Washed down with a 32 oz bucket of Fanta red soda… Ahhhh, fond memories.

  • Cheap, that’s the one! I used to work in that area so I KNEW there was one there.

  • I am oohh sooo excited. I truly love the chicken from Popeyes. I commute to and from New Jersey everyday so that will be a stop on my way home.

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