Local News Discovers The “Food Cart Wars”

Following in the Post’s footsteps (who published a story yesterday about “Plantergate”), local news stations WPIX and CBS2 become the latest “real” media outlet to use Midtown Lunch as a source for their stories.  WPIX interviewed a “gee-roh” vendor on 52nd & 7th, while CBS2 hit up the Kosher Oasis cart, and both talked to Edgar from the El “Rydell” Sabor cart. Neither station seems to realize these fights have been going on for decades, but their enthusiasm is infectious. And, just like the reporter from PIX said… I can’t wait to see “what happens over the next couple of weeks!”

Check out the two videos after the jump…

Thanks to Lunch’er Joe, and the Kosher Oasis truck for pointing out the videos.

Vendor Fight Over 6th Ave. Spot Caught on Video
The Latest Weapon in the Vendor Wars is… Sidewalk Planters!?
“Plantergate” Continues As Building Reinstalls Planters on 43rd St.
Does CBS 2 Get Their Stories From Midtown Lunch?


  • Channel 11 sends some white girl (Hauss -perhaps german?) who can’t pronounce Gyro or “reydel”sabor.

    At least Eyewitness News 7, sent out their resident Latina.

  • Foxnews sent Charles Manson.

  • I bought a car from Reydel Volkswagen. How apropos.

  • How about a reality show where 1-2 dozen vendors battle it out elimination style for the grand prize – the most coveted vending spot in all of NYC and a non-expiring license.

    we could do it on an island and divide them at first into two tribes, see which vendors end up as survivors

    Not sure what we’d call it

  • They also pronounced it “Rydell”. Isn’t that the highschool from Grease? (I guess that’s appropriate in this contest)

  • Fred–That is the best idea I have heard all week!

  • CAll it Vendornator………Maybe Harry Fucker and the Gobshyte with fries……..or…Blanket Jackson “why am i the only black one?”….. Fred…email me @ SimonCowell@upmyownarse.com…this could be a hit

  • Why didn’t anyone interview the angry gypsy hot dog lady that started all of this?

  • I hear the Red Hatted Mexican Warrior is going to be interviewed on The View this Friday. Can’t wait!!!

  • HAHA OMG how can you be from the United States and never heard of a gyro?…i thought it was pretty common.

    gee-ro hahahahhahahaha wow

  • Golly, geez, if only I had the necessary “Google” skills, I could have told you dummies that the sandwich is pronounced “yee-roh” — ROFLMAO

    Then again, since my wife and I make them frequently, we know that the Gyro is traditionally made from lamb. WE use butterflied leg of lamb to make ours.

    But then, I suppose that Louise, in her trailer park in Atlanta, has a dearth of butterflied leg of lamb in her compact refrigerator’s freezer.

    Perhaps ‘BigBear’ needs to get a REAL job so that Fred can enjoy some REAL food — LOL!

  • But I NEVER said that my WIFE didn’t like lamb. You see, Doctor E. has a much more diversified and specialized palate than I.

    As an example:

    1. she does NOT eat eggs – I love eggs;
    2. she eats pizza – I REFUSE to eat that garbage;
    3. she will not eat sausage – I love (some) sausage;
    4. she likes haggis (when we are in Scotland) – it makes me throw up.

    And on, and on. You see, Prato, when two educated people like my wife and I married (yes, I realize that “marriage” is not popular among New Yawk City types such as yourself), we agreed to disagree — even on important matters as to what we like to eat.

    PS: Can you believe that she doesn’t put salt on her WATERMELON, for gawd’s sake!

  • DocChuck, I was just asking a question. I thought your message of “we make gyros” meant “we also eat them”. No need to get all offensive. Also, I’m married for 6 years and have a 14mo daughter.

  • How does one take an old man who still says “ROFLMAO” seriously?

  • Well, now, Mr. “Samwich”, since you are a self-described “Analyst”, albeit with very few other disclosed credentials, you should be able to “Analyze” your question to your own satisfaction, should you not?

    I mean, after all, a New Yawk City “Analyst” is obviously more than qualified to judge an “old man”, particularly behind the cloak of the “Analyst’s” anonymity.

    Now go back to “analyzing”, Mr. Samwich.

  • Samwich, the answer is: no one takes DocChuck seriously. The odd thing is that he takes himself seriously, despite that fact that nearly everything he writes is a complete fabrication. He is a sick, deranged individual who imagines himself as wealthy, educated, important, and loved; tho he is none of these things

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