The Latest Weapon in the Vendor Wars is… Sidewalk Planters!?


If you haven’t been following the battle going on between the new El Rey del Sabor Cart and the Greek hot dog vendor on 44th 43rd btw. 6+7th, here’s a quick recap.  El Rey del Sabor moves their third cart to 44th 43rd and 6th.  Hot dog vendor gets very angry.  The fight is caught on video. A few days later the cops show up and get involved. Numerous reports come in from Lunchers observing a noticeably angry looking hot dog vendor every single time anybody buys anything from the new Mexican cart.  And now, there’s the latest…  two planters have been placed on the part of the sidewalk that El Rey del Sabor was using.

But here’s the crazy thing, the building denies doing it…

According to Lunch’er Harry P., who was kind enough to send in the photo, the planters were not put there by the building- and security guards told El Rey del Sabor that the building management was pissed. Wha!?!  Does this mean that the hot dog vendor installed two planters on the sidewalk over the weekend to keep El Rey del Sabor out?  That would be kind of insane…

Vendor Fight Over 6th Ave. Spot Caught on Video
Rule #1 of Vendor Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Vendor Fight Club


  • That… is… crazy…

    Man this is better than television…

  • Next time on “As the Food Cart Turns”…

    Luke cheats on Sabrett with Hebrew National and Nathan’s sees the whole thing.

  • The store on the corner of 23rd and 6th has a Mexican guy outside w/ a sign that reads “street vendor dont pay sales tax”. It’s getting crazy.

  • I stopped by yesterday and the Mex cart was no where to be found. I think it’s weird how that Greek lady has been there for many years and about a year ago a halal guy moved in next store and put up a giant sign that read “Hot Dogs $1″ and he’s still there but she’s bothering the mex truck??

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    LOL those are some sloppily installed planters.

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    43rd & 6th, right? Any idea where they’ll be today?

  • I doubt the building did it.. look at the mess surrounding those planters.

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    that is pretty hardcore… i wonder if this will give ideas to buildings that are sick of having vendors outside their buildings though?

    what will be next? trees coming back to the streets of manhattan?!

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    I can tell you this. I will never buy a hot dog from that woman.

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    I think everyone should venture there and act like they are going to buy a hot dog, then ask the lady what happened to the mexican cart to really get under her skin, and walk away when she says theyre gone… fuck $1 hot dogs.

  • I suspect that those planters were “relocated” late at night by the Greek lady, and glued down with a mess of construction adhesive. I wonder what the city will do if this is what happened. Crazy stuff!!

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    Those planters look like they were jacked from somewhere along 6th ave. Lady is nuts.

  • There are laws on where planters can be located. This might be totally illegal.

  • …………….:) looks like they used no nails to stick those fuckers down…..classy.

    IF was me….id rip the pots up….and shove them up Bloombergs arse.

  • that’s what I thought – planters look like they were just installed to block the truck, looks like a middle of the night rush job, very crappily executed. look at all that mess from the caulk gluing them down, bet the building has them removed immediately.

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    Can we make a complaint to the city? Make them take it down?

  • browsing through the Craigslist Lost & Found section for a “Lost/Stolen Planter” post.

  • Well they weren’t there today, obviously. Anyone know where they went? I don’t believe they tweet.

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    Have you ever seen the Bill Forsythe movie called Comfort and Joy? If not, you should watch it.
    It’s about two ice cream trucks fighting each other.

  • @chris6sigma my thoughts exactly. they totally jacked it from somewhere in the middle of the night.

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