Vendor Fight Over 6th Ave. Spot Caught on Video

A lot of news pouring in over the past few days about the third El Rey Del Sabor cart. Just to recap, their original cart is parked on 60th and 3rd, and their second cart is parked on 49th and 3rd. A month ago, they parked a third cart on 28th and 6th, but last week we heard rumors that it had disappeared. Cut to yesterday, when the cart was spotted on 43rd & 6th. This could be great news for Midtown West, if the cart ends up staying…

Apparently the owners of the El Rey del Sabor Cart got into a fight with another vendor on that corner yesterday while they were setting up. And Lunch’er “Jer” caught it all on video.

Check it out, after the jump…

“Not sure if you’ll find this interesting but figured I’d send it along, its from [yesterday] morning at about 10am’ish. Background: There is a greek street cart on 43&6th (to the left of the cameras view). At about 10am a Mexican street cart tries to move next to the Greek cart. Greek woman gets real angry… insanity ensues. If you are wondering what all the honking is about, the greek woman was standing on the Mexican guys cart (which was blocking the street) so no cars could get by. Traffic was blocked all the way across to the east side of 6th ave.

Around 1:15-1:20 into the video, the greek woman slaps the Mexican guy in the red hat, and right after that one of the Greek guys got tossed. Unfortunately, my camera stopped recording at 3:00. About a minute after the recording stopped, more punches were thrown, and then the police showed up.”

Yikes. We are well aware of El Rey del Sabor’s toughness (they managed to hold off Rafiqi’s in order to stay in their 49th Street spot) but 43rd & 6th is some pretty sought after real estate. I guess we’ll see if they show up again today. If you spot them, put it in the comments.

(Side Note: The Schnitzel Truck was hoping to park on 6th Ave. and 43rd or 44th today. Curious to see how that works out…)

Rule #1 of Vendor Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Vendor Fight Club
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  • Jesus…we should start a non-profit organization, M.L.A.V.O.V.V. (Midtown Lunchers Against Vendor on Vendor Violence)…just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?!
    This is getting ridiculous, at least the Sabor crew has some big dudes. He dropped that old Greek guy with one finger…

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    These people are so f’in stupid.

    More carts in one place will bring more people to the location. The entire pie gets bigger.

    Would anyone have even noticed if there were one red hook food vendor?

    Would anyone crowd Boston’s Faneiul Hall Marketplace if there were ONE food stall?

    In any event, I don’t like these mexican carts, at least the couple I’ve tried (Talking to you Big Sombrero!) but I know where I’m going for lunch. It’s a little outside my zone, but 6th and 43rd for some mexican is where I’ll be today. And I’m bringing my camera – oh yeah!

    Can anyone report on if these guys are there today?

  • First rule of fight club…

  • If it means getting Sabor closer to my westside work, then I’ll be right behind them backing them up (definitely right behind their big dude.. or hiding behind their cart.. or maybe in their cart munching on some tamales.. whatever! you get my point). That said, what’s the greek lady selling… anything tasty? Props to Lunch’er Jer for making my morning rivetting!!

  • That was f’ing awesome. I kind of want to punch that lady in her mouth b/c she is annoying, but as I’ve been advocating a free market, I would have to support her and her cart reluctantly.

  • Hate to see what happens when the world cup comes around

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    I am too soft for the food cart business.


    I’m serious, this is about the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

    When it comes to food carts, I’m for a free market because you’re going to want people who care about what they do and love the product they put out. This is how we’re going to get good, delicious, and safe food. But since we don’t have a free market, I say they should all go all out. Take it to the next level, until we get to the point where the city has to step in because it’s getting outta control.

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    Does this bat-sh*t crazy woman really think someone is going to head for her Greek cart, see the Rey cart, and say “hmm…since it’s SO SIMILAR, I’m going for the Mexican Cart, even though I want Greek food”

    If she had any confidence in her own food, she would welcome the opportunity to steal Rey’s customers. I can’t think of any other word to describe her (and her food, likely) besides WEAKSAUCE.

    Zach, this may require a Rafiqi-esque ban (or negative feature) for this Greek Cart on

  • God I hate to be so biased in what I’m sure is such a complicated situation, but those guys at El Rey de Sabor III have been so awfully nice to me in the past I’m inclined to be unquestioningly sympathetic towards their side. Come back to Herald Sq!

  • @MikeNYC – You can’t even compare the food at the sombrero cart to El Rey del Sabor. These guys are the real deal!

  • Oh, and I don’t think that “greek” cart serves greek food. I think it’s one of those $1 hot dog carts…

  • I actually tried to go to the 60th and 3rd location yesterday. The cart was missing. I thought it was strange.

    One thing to keep in mind. Don’t f**k with the greeks.

  • Beware Greeks Bearing Fists.

    ……good eh?

  • I would just pay $5-$8 to see vendors fight for an hour, ha ha. Ridiculous

  • I love the Sombrero cart, but yah, it doesn’t compare to the sabor carts.

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    Are they back at 43rd and 6th today?

  • CNN….breaking news….President Obama has ordered all vendors will have their tickets renewed by AL Sharpton.

    I hope you all like rice and peas.

    ……and as Sgt.Phil used to say….”Hey!! let’s be careful out there”

  • Mike – I’m going to give it a shot. If they arent, there’s a ton of fallback options. The schitzel truck, kosher oasis, moishes, biryani cart, kwik meal, etc etc etc.

  • Brave man, that adamprato… let us know what you find. hey get the guy in the red hat’s autograph.. he’s gonna be the next Mucha Lucha star!!

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