Vendor Fight Over 6th Ave. Spot Caught on Video

A lot of news pouring in over the past few days about the third El Rey Del Sabor cart. Just to recap, their original cart is parked on 60th and 3rd, and their second cart is parked on 49th and 3rd. A month ago, they parked a third cart on 28th and 6th, but last week we heard rumors that it had disappeared. Cut to yesterday, when the cart was spotted on 43rd & 6th. This could be great news for Midtown West, if the cart ends up staying…

Apparently the owners of the El Rey del Sabor Cart got into a fight with another vendor on that corner yesterday while they were setting up. And Lunch’er “Jer” caught it all on video.

Check it out, after the jump…

“Not sure if you’ll find this interesting but figured I’d send it along, its from [yesterday] morning at about 10am’ish. Background: There is a greek street cart on 43&6th (to the left of the cameras view). At about 10am a Mexican street cart tries to move next to the Greek cart. Greek woman gets real angry… insanity ensues. If you are wondering what all the honking is about, the greek woman was standing on the Mexican guys cart (which was blocking the street) so no cars could get by. Traffic was blocked all the way across to the east side of 6th ave.

Around 1:15-1:20 into the video, the greek woman slaps the Mexican guy in the red hat, and right after that one of the Greek guys got tossed. Unfortunately, my camera stopped recording at 3:00. About a minute after the recording stopped, more punches were thrown, and then the police showed up.”

Yikes. We are well aware of El Rey del Sabor’s toughness (they managed to hold off Rafiqi’s in order to stay in their 49th Street spot) but 43rd & 6th is some pretty sought after real estate. I guess we’ll see if they show up again today. If you spot them, put it in the comments.

(Side Note: The Schnitzel Truck was hoping to park on 6th Ave. and 43rd or 44th today. Curious to see how that works out…)

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  • @vdub, with a few exceptions to this statement, most people don’t consider ice cream to be a proper lunch. :P

    And I get your point of view but it’s not exactly addressing what I was talking about. Yes, the Thai restaurants are in direct competition. if you’re in the mood for thai, you’re going to have to choose one of those blocks to eat at based on your constraints (price, distance, service, time). This is only possible because you have all of those choices. If there were only one Thai restaurant and you were bent on having Thai (regardless of price, distance, service, time), then that would most likely be your go-to for Thai.

    Now, let’s not consider just thai restaurants but all food establishments. If you’re hungry, did not pack lunch, did not want delivery, had a strict 1 hour break, and there were only one food cart within miles of where you work, would you not default to that cart? In this case, it wouldn’t matter what you were craving because at the most basic level, you’re just hungry

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