El Rey Del Sabor Not Immune From the Cops

When it rains it pours. Got this email from Lunch’er Brian late yesterday afternoon: “El Rey Del Sabor on 43rd and 6th got a summons today, as did the old lady. Appears it was one of the buildings across the street. I was talking to the guys in the cart. They are really nice but they are concerned that the police are going to chase them from the spot. It’s possible this is fallout from the confrontation on Monday.


  • sounds like the cops are just doing this so that they don’t have to break up fights later on in the day. kinda makes sense.

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    yeah, last thing the cops want to do is watch as the two cart groups meet up in the same area again just so they can go nuts, create traffic, and be in a physical confrontation

  • What they need is an English Accent…….scares the living shit outa every american.

  • that’s because we know all you surly lobsterbacks are evil.

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    A summons regarding what? The fight? The cart locations? We need details!

  • come back to Herald Sq El Rey de Sabor III!!!! Take that old Kwik meal spot on 37th and 6th! I will pay you mas $$$ for you to make me delicious veggie burritos! Thank you.

  • No! Stay near me ERdS! Then open IV by Sarah!

  • I picked up 2 tamales here yesterday and the guys in the truck seemed in a great mood. The lady at the Greek cart next to them did not seem to appreciate the line serpentining past her cart from the El Rey truck, however.

  • I went yesterday. They guys in the cart are incredibly nice and friendly. Got the chorizo torta with chopped up egg. Very good, but a bit messy. Think the filling would work better as a taco.

  • They might start calling La Migra next. I’d imagine that would be more intimidating than a beat cop..

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    Sabor’s food is realy good. It’s worth 5 generic crappy chicken/gyro carts.

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    just picked up a load of food for me and coworkers. 3 enchaladas (ie 1 platter), 1 hurachas, and and 1 taco – $17.50. Not bad but i thought a tad expensive. very happy though they are right next to my building now – great basic mexican food. that greek lady was shooting some seriously nasty looks over our direction whenever she had the chance between selling $1 dirties to tourists. maybe she is right ot be pissed, i saw a group of tourists eye her stand, eye the sabor, and head straight for sabor! ha!

  • I hope ERdS can hold out against the pressure.

  • are they at 43rd and 6th today?

  • Yep, it sure is!

  • Holy crap that food is good, and REALLY spicy if you ask! Had a salted beef taco and a chicken quesadilla and both were awesome. Almost Cali good!

  • I hope that’s not your real picture, dude.

  • senn, it’s sad that a friggen cart beats out most mexican restaurants in this city.

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    Speaking of Cali:
    I love me some mission style burritos, and it’s one of the biggest gaping holes in the NYC foodscape. There just isn’t anything close.

    I keep thinking THIS is what we need: some enterprising SF-trained burrito maker to open a for-real Cali style burrito cart/truck (and park it near my office.)

    If people line up for Chipotle, you know there’s an unfilled burrito hole you can drive a, er, truck through!

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    Checked it out yesterday. Good stuf and the guys did seem to be in a really good mood.

    Had the carnitas tacos. What is the go to meal from these guys? What is their best stuff?

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