“Plantergate” Continues As Building Reinstalls Planters on 43rd St.


So it looks like the saga dubbed “Plantergate” by various Midtown Lunchers is not quite over.  Just to bring everyone up to speed… Mexican cart El Rey del Sabor parked their third cart on 43rd and 6th Ave., and was immediately confronted by a hot dog cart owner from the same block (caught on video here.)  That proved unsuccessful, but when El Rey del Sabor showed up to their spot last Monday, they found that it had been blocked by shoddily installed planters, and the next day they were removed.  An article about Vendor Wars in this morning’s NYPost has confirmation from the landlord of the building that it was in fact vandalism (in addition to similar stories from newcomers Kosher Oasis, and the Downtown Cart Little Ochi’s Hot Spot.)  On Wednesday El Rey del Sabor returned, and ran out of food by 1:30pm (there just ain’t a lot of good Mexican food in Midtown.)

The latest happened on Friday… according to the guys at the El Rey del Sabor cart, the building has now decided to reinstall the planters on that block.  They had marked the sidewalk with spray paint, and were planning on putting the planters in over the weekend.  Depending on the size of the planters, and there exact location on the sidewalk, it could mean the end for all vending on that block.  We’ll see today when the carts show up to park.  If anybody passes by today, feel free to post updates in the comments or forward along a photo.


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