Midtown Lunchers Clean Out El Rey Del Sabor

I can’t even imagine how angry that Greek hot dog vendor must have been today watching you guys clean out the El Rey Del Sabor cart on 43rd & 6th.  According to comments, by 12:45 they were out of tamales, by 1:30 “all they had left was cheese.  They did say that someone was supposed to be bringing more food but wasn’t there yet.”  You people know they have two other carts in Midtown, right? One on 60th & 3rd, and another on 49th & 3rd.


  • I got there just after 1:30 and they had chicken and beef. I got a taco and a torta. The torta is a huge sandwich with guac and jalapeno’s. Very fresh. I loved it.

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    LMAO Love the fact that the Hot Dog vendor had to watch this cart make a ton of business…. Sticking it to angry vendors. She couldn’t dream of having that kind of business on her best day with no carts on that block.

  • Yeah, it’s like a real life manifestation of the Streisand Effect.

  • if she were smart she’d outsmart you all by selling Mexican hotdogs, lol

  • I do hope you’ve had your shots and updated your life insurance

  • Uhm, a Doc Chuck imposter?

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    i’m so glad these carts aren’t following Zach’s advice on avoiding these confrontations and moving to different areas.

    These problems need to be addressed. There is no way that reoccurring confrontations will lead to a disappearing of carts. That’s just as likely as reinstating prohibition. Yes, the system might change, and carts might have to follow a more stringent guideline in the future, but this isn’t a bad thing.

    Here’s to hoping that carts like El Rey and S&T continue to hold their ground.

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    I kept it simple today by getting two chicken tacos. Pretty good and there so much that I didn’t even get to finish the two that I bought. Hope that they’re out there again. I <3 cheap and _good_ Mexican.

  • come back to Herald Square. VIVA MEXICO!

  • My dearest adamprato:

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  • What Steve said! Seriously I’m starting to think that Midtown is not a lunch wasteland– just Herald Sq….

  • Yea but 49th and 3rd is soooooo far away!

  • DC – Yah, I’ve seen it (amongst other things when google’ing for “docchuck”).

    The question is – Whats the difference between:




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    I agree with Formz — from 6th to 3rd. . . umm yeah — I’ll just find another lunch option.

  • Are folks permitted to have multiple logins to this website?

  • Uhm, I don’t think this website has “rules”. I was just curious if there was an imposter going around….

  • ah — understand that at virtually all websites I have experienced which require logins, multiple logins are either not permitted, or barring that, heavily frowned upon.

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    @Sarah: You have all of ktown there in herald sq, how can that possibly be a lunch wasteland?

  • The two posts herein to this point do have the look and feel of the Tastespotting Stal – err – that is – that self deluded imbecile, DocChuck

  • If I would have had the good fortune of being there today, I would definitely have purchased two chicken tacos.

    I suspect that they would have been so far superior to any chicken tacos that I could have made at home (either in my Texas home, in my Arkansas home, OR in my Maryland home).

    But, alas, I was unable to attend the culinary orgy at the El Rey Del Sabor ‘cart’.

    Maybe another day.

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