Midtown Lunchers Clean Out El Rey Del Sabor

I can’t even imagine how angry that Greek hot dog vendor must have been today watching you guys clean out the El Rey Del Sabor cart on 43rd & 6th.  According to comments, by 12:45 they were out of tamales, by 1:30 “all they had left was cheese.  They did say that someone was supposed to be bringing more food but wasn’t there yet.”  You people know they have two other carts in Midtown, right? One on 60th & 3rd, and another on 49th & 3rd.


  • Anyone know how late the 60th/3rd cart is around? I’m by there all the time but I feel like I always miss it and I’d rather check it out after the lunch rush.

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    hotdog stands have to start stepping up their games… do you know how many different kinds of named hotdogs are out there?


    something other than ketchup mustard and relish… for my hotdog fix i always go to chelsea papaya

  • so thats definitely two logins…

  • and two imaginary residences….

    (the rusted singlewide in Arkansas is as real as real gets)

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    Umpteen fucking log-ons could not even come close to being as annoying as the incessant, inane drivel that follows every one of his inane coments.

    Do you really think anyone gives a rat’s ass about your personal vendetta?

    You’re a one trick pony and no one is looking for a ride.

  • You’re almost making it sound like you enjoy DocChuck’s constant derogatory comments about NYC, Food, People here, and all things MTL as a site holds dear? Not to mention his constant chatter about how much smarter, wealthier, and just generally better he is than everyone here?

  • Yabba, you drive around the States in a 73 VW campervan….on the run from child protection officers.

    As ive said before….rather like the A team…with Fuckwits.

  • *shrug*

    You won’t hear me denigrating everything MTL is about, nor claiming I am better than any/all of you.

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    Hey! What’s wrong with inane drivel?
    (Going for a torta as soon as he can)

  • Well, even though DocChuck is busily packing our duffels for our weekend cruise on the Chesapeake, I just HAD to check in one more time to my favorite entertainment channel, Midtown Lunch.

    Have a great long weekend Zach, and all you New Yawk City folks (excluding Louise B., who lives in Atlanta with ‘BigBear’, whom Fred sometimes calls ‘Wilma’. or Dave, or whatever).


    Sorry, but I don’t have any TROLL food with me today — LOL.

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