Does CBS 2 Get Their Stories From Midtown Lunch?

CBS 2 filming the carts?
Photo Courtesy of Lukey Dukey

Friday night, CBS 2 cameras were spotted filming the famous Halal Guys on the SW corner of 53rd and 6th, less than 24 hours after this story about the cart went up on Midtown Lunch. Today, Lunch’er Peggy got this report from the cart: “I was just at the halal guys cart and I mentioned the other weasel cart getting the same color sweaters. They said Channel 2 had just interviewed them about the story and it’s going to be on tonight at 6pm!”

Is it even possible this could be a coincidence? Let’s see if they give Midtown Lunch credit for the scoop!


  • Yeah they interviewed one or two guys in the night line also. probably for soundbites.
    and they started filming me and a couple of friends.. who knows.

  • Great. Now I’m hungry for Halal Guys. You’re KILLING me today, Zach.

  • Just saw the preview for the 6pm news. Turns out they’re talking about the copycats.

  • So funny. I guess now that the elections are over they are lurking here.

  • No way will you get credit
    They want people to believe that THEY are 100% responsible

  • My experience is that paper and broadcast news constantly swipe stories from blogs and give NO CREDIT. It’s frustrating and unethical. It’s happened to the website I work for and even a story idea I wrote for another site was swiped by NYT. All of them are horrible reporters. No talent assholes.

    Not that I have an opinion of this ;-)

  • Nope! They rarely give bloggers credit for getting the scoop. Yet, they read blogs religiously…go figure!

  • Karma will bite both CBS 2 and the Fake Halal Guys in the ass. I too feel that craving…tomorrow…must…wait till…tomorrow!!!

  • Granted, CBS 2 was lame for ripping the story w/o giving you credit, but don’t discount the fact that since the CBS corporate offices are on THAT SAME BLOCK – 52nd/6th – some loyal halal cart fans at CBS may have wanted to expose the copycats???

  • In addition to having the CBS office on the same block, this cart has been famous for quite some time. It’s been discussed on countless forums and blogs way before your blog was even set up. It could have been coincidence. Midtown Lunch doesn’t always get the scoop on things.

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