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Shanghai Broadway Pops Up on 36th

Garment District veterans might remember Kebab & Grill, which came up as closed a little over a year ago. It’s been an empty space for rent, with a caveat: “No restaurants.” I guess the owners have changed their minds – Shanghai Broadway is open out of nowhere, in the former K&G space.
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Kabob and Grill is Kablooie and Gone

Kabab & Grill, perhaps the best known Spanish/Bengali joint in the Garment District (or anywhere else, correct me if I’m wrong) has closed down. Their storefront shuttered, their sign dark, and according to a helpful superintendent for the building next door, in the process of being gutted.  The Midtown Lunch reader who sent us the tip reported that they were reportedly closed for health violations, but there’s no entry for them in the DoH database. The on-site source we encountered did confirm that a large-scale renovation was in place, although there’s no word on what’s going in. As far as we could tell, no restaurant equipment like stoves, fridges, etc. has been removed – yet.

While they somehow slipped under the Midtown Lunch radar, I do remember them doing decent business whenever I walked past. You can always hit up the not-too-far-off Salt & Pepper for your Hispano-Indian fusion fix if you’re craving chicken tandoor a la plancha or just want to eat excellent cabbie fare.

Kabab and Grill Back Open w/ a Ramadan Special

Last week we got a tip from Lunch’er Laura that Kabab &  Grill on 36th bewteen 7th and Broadway had been closed by the DOH. I ventured out in the rain the other day to do some investigating and it turns out they are back open for business with a Grade Pending sign. I also noticed a sign advertising a Ramadan Special for $5.99. Of course, this isn’t available for lunch (since the fast is not broken until after sundown), but if you’re working in the office late, this might be a great cheap meal, regardless of your religious beliefs.

Fear Not, Kebab & Grill Will Be Reopening Soon

If you’re a big fan of Kebab and Grill (on 36th btw. B’way+7th) you may have noticed that it has been closed for the past two weeks… but fear not!  Lunch’er Nora forwarded on some great news yesterday…

For the past two weeks, I’ve been so depressed because my favorite lunch spot, Kebab and Grill, has been shuttered! I thought it was closed forever, but today when walking by (to go to Tio Pio), I spoke to one of the owners who said that they were only renovating and they would be open again next week!! Everyone in my office was really excited to hear the GREAT news, so I thought the Midtown Lunchers might be, too! Can’t wait to have my chicken tikka masala, with sides of chickpeas and saag paneer again soon.

Don’t Be Scared off by Kabab & Grill’s Funky Goat

Don’t Be Scared off by Kabab & Grill’s Funky Goat

Kebab and Grill

I had wanted to try Kabab & Grill (on 36th btw. B’way+7th) long before I read about their funky goat stew on the blog Food and Mouth. Anytime there’s cheap Indian (or Pakistani) food being sold out of steam tables for under $10 I’m going to try it.  Throw in a Latin food steam table, which is where the goat came from, and now pizza, and it becomes a pretty typical “how could I pass this up?” Midtown Lunch.  I finally got a chance to sample the Indian/Pakistani food from Kebab & Grill last week, and while it may not win any “best of” awards, it’s a perfectly good (and cheap) Indian food option for that area.

What I tried is after the jump…

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