Kabob and Grill is Kablooie and Gone

Kabab & Grill, perhaps the best known Spanish/Bengali joint in the Garment District (or anywhere else, correct me if I’m wrong) has closed down. Their storefront shuttered, their sign dark, and according to a helpful superintendent for the building next door, in the process of being gutted. ┬áThe Midtown Lunch reader who sent us the tip reported that they were reportedly closed for health violations, but there’s no entry for them in the DoH database. The on-site source we encountered did confirm that a large-scale renovation was in place, although there’s no word on what’s going in. As far as we could tell, no restaurant equipment like stoves, fridges, etc. has been removed – yet.

While they somehow slipped under the Midtown Lunch radar, I do remember them doing decent business whenever I walked past. You can always hit up the not-too-far-off Salt & Pepper for your Hispano-Indian fusion fix if you’re craving chicken tandoor a la plancha or just want to eat excellent cabbie fare.

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