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Shanghai Broadway Has Shanghaied Us Into Lunch

We reported recently that Shanghai Broadway took over the old Kebab & Grill space, looking like one heck of a nice addition to an otherwise unremarkable chunk of the Garment District. It’s in a competitive spot – Chef Yu, Ginger’s, New Li Yuan, Main Noodle House, and Lunch Box Buffet all bracket the region with very good Chinese offerings. While their menu contains some Generic Dragon standards, it’s got some interesting items. Can they measure up?
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Shanghai Broadway Pops Up on 36th

Garment District veterans might remember Kebab & Grill, which came up as closed a little over a year ago. It’s been an empty space for rent, with a caveat: “No restaurants.” I guess the owners have changed their minds – Shanghai Broadway is open out of nowhere, in the former K&G space.
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