Shanghai Broadway Pops Up on 36th

Garment District veterans might remember Kebab & Grill, which came up as closed a little over a year ago. It’s been an empty space for rent, with a caveat: “No restaurants.” I guess the owners have changed their minds – Shanghai Broadway is open out of nowhere, in the former K&G space.

The lunch menu looks like a heavy complement of Shanghai fare with some Sichuan influence. Most of the “New Wave Szechuan Dishes” (which is sadly not an 80s synthpop cover band – sorry guys, we gotta wait for the Flock of Seagulls reunion tour) are nearly double the ML limit but look pretty good for big splurges.

The lunch specials are the usual deal – food, soup or soda, white/brown/veg fried rice, and a whole lot of generic dragon specialties. Some of the fish offerings look good, as does the Chongqing style chicken and the chili leek double cooked pork belly.

The A grade should appeal to those who’ve been waffling over the nearby New Li Yuan/Ming Du but are afraid of places that have closed. We’re definitely gonna have to swing by and see what Shanghai Broadway can serve up.

Shanghai Broadway, 150 W 36th St (btw. Bway+7th) 212-356-0081

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