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Jamaican Dutchy Cart Moves Downtown; Launching Truck Next Week

If you walked by 51st Street yesterday or today, you may have noticed that the Jamaican Dutchy cart has been M.I.A. If you follow them on twitter you know that they’ll be closed all week and will return next Monday with a new and improved menu. What you may not know is that the owner, O’Neil, has been working on a Jamaican Dutchy truck for the past year and it’s finally ready to launch.  The truck will hit the street on Monday giving them the opportunity to offer more menu items. But fans of the spot on 51st and 7th shouldn’t worry.  They don’t plan to move around the city like most of the other gourmet trucks.

As for the cart?  A Downtown lunch’er spotted the cart yesterday in the Financial District (near William and Pearl). It’s being run by O’Neil’s sister Jillian, and plans to operate permanently on William Street between Beaver and Pearl from 6am-4pm (which means breakfast is back!)  Let’s hope the recent crackdown of food trucks both in Midtown and Downtown doesn’t affect the newly expanded Jamaican Dutchy operation. His oxtail and jerk chicken would be sorely missed.

Video: Andrew Zimmern Makes Schnitzel & Jerk Chicken in Midtown

Remember when Andrew Zimmern visited the Schnitzel & Things Truck back in September for his MSN web series Appetite for Life?  Well it turns out he also visited the Jamaican Dutchy!  The video was just posted, and it shows him having a great time making Schnitzel with Oleg, and Jerk Chicken with O’Neil (which he calls the best jerk chicken he’s ever had.)  Check out the video after the jump…

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How to Eat at 10 Carts For $10: A Thursday Street Food Tour of Midtown

food cart tour collage
Have you ever been kind of jealous of the winners of Zach’s various cart tours?  Even though I work in midtown and can hit the great midtown carts anytime I want, there’s something to be said about the fun of taking on a bunch of them at once.  To really do it right you need strength in numbers, so when I learned that a couple of my friends from Seattle, would be in town and free for lunch during the week, I started plotting potential food adventures.  Both of them regularly read Blondie & Brownie and they were jealous of the midtown cart/food truck scene.  The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that we should try to hit as many carts for as many different types of foods as possible and with that in mind, may a present Brownie’s Cart Canyon Tour: 10 carts/10 cuisines/$10 a person…

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Jamaican Rundown Special: The Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) felt bad that they didn't make enough Jamaican rundown for everybody last week, so it's back today- and they've apparently made enough to last the entire lunch service. Craving fish in a Jamaican coconut sauce? Today is your big day...

Jamaican Dutchy to Serve “Rundown” Today: As promised the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) has been serving a different special dish every single Tuesday, and today is a good one. They'll be serving "rundown", the spicy Jamaican coconut milk sauce served with mackerel (although they'll be serving it with cod.)

Jamaican Dutchy Will Actually Be Back on Tuesday (With a Bunch of New Stuff)

Between yesterday and Today the Jamaican Dutchy (which has been M.I.A. from 51st and 7th for almost 3 months) realized that Monday is a holiday, so they are postponing their return by one more day. They’ll be back on Tuesday, and they’ll be armed with a bunch of new menu items. Hamburgers, salmon burgers, turkey burgers, and the previously mentioned “Jamaican Dogs” will be added to the menu this Tuesday. Plus they are planning on doing some sort of different special every Tuesday from now on. The inaugural special? Salt fish with beans.

Jamaican Dutchy Will Return On Monday: Great news for jerk chicken fans! After a 2 1/2 month absence, the Jamaican Dutchy will return to 51st and 7th Ave. on Monday. That will be a nice consolation prize for anybody who is stuck working on MLK day.

Schnitzel Truck is Here; Jamaican Dutchy Still MIA: The NYC Cravings Truck and Street Sweets Truck are taking the day off (lazy bums!) but Schnitzel Truck is on 52nd.  Sadly the Jamaican Dutchy Truck is still not back, but they hope to return to the streets by the end of the month.  Follow all the twittering Midtown Lunch spots on the ML Twitter Tracker>>

Jamaican Dutchy Hopes to Be Back Soon With Jamaica Dogs

I spoke with O’neill, the owner of the Jamaican Dutchy, yesterday and he filled me in on how a 3 week vacation has turned into 6 weeks. Apparently his permit is up for renewal, and the final meeting is on Thursday. If all goes well, he hopes to reopen a week from Monday. He also let me know that he’s got plans for some crazy specials every Tuesday. The first one will be a Jamaican beef stew topped hot dog (a Jamaican chili dog if you will.) Nice. I think I speak for everyone when I say: “Can’t wait to have you back.”

Jamaican Dutchy Out for Three Weeks: Sad news for stew peas and jerk chicken fans today.  The Vendy award nominated Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) will be on vacation for 3 weeks starting today.  Luckily we have the Caribbean Spice cart (on 46th btw. 6+7th) and the Jerk Pan cart (on Park & 48th) to pick up the slack while they're gone.