Is There a Truck Crackdown on 51st and 52nd?

Crisp on Wheels issued this warning yesterday to other food trucks, and sadly it doesn’t sound like an isolated incident. Eddie’s Pizza- who has been spending Tuesdays on 52nd & 6th- was on 40th and 6th yesterday, and today the Kimchi Truck has decided to go elsewhere (citing “parking restrictions“). And we heard that Wafels & Dinges was kicked out of their 52nd & 6th spot last week.   Of course this shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, the same thing happened in the same area last year and all the new food trucks hitting the streets have probably not helped. One thing is for sure, we’ve heard the buildings in the area don’t seem to mind when one truck parks on the street, it’s when there are multiple trucks.

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    I was there around 12:30 yesterday, and there was a cop talking to the guy in charge of the Crisp truck. I couldn’t hear what was being discussed, but the cop was gesturing towards the Europa Cafe. It seemed like it was Europa Cafe that had complained.

    In any case, it really sucks for people who like some diversity of food options in Midtown.

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    I saw that CEVAP truck on corner of 52nd and Lex this morning.

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    In this particular case, Crisp was the only food truck on the block that day. We were told by an officer in the TImes Square Alliance that it was most likely one of the restaurants in 787 Park Ave building that had complained.

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    This is very very sad news. Now I can’t have a waffle fix Friday mornings just by walking out of the building and no multigrain rice bowls on Wednesdays (or the occassional Sabich). It’s not like I’m going to go to Europa or Cafe Duke anyway (or Le Bernardin for the matter…).

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    This is very sad indeed. Cevap and Taim Mobile have also been kicked out of this spot, I believe. And although the plaza btw 51st & 52nd had become a very popular truck spot in recent weeks, I don’t think I had ever seen more than one park there on the same day. It had generally become one, and only one, per day. Which was pretty fantastic for those of us in the area who like a good lunch. Someone has clearly decided to get rid of all of them.

    Crisp, you must mean 787 7th Ave? I don’t think that’s the Cafe Europa bldg, is it? I thought the Europa building had a 51st St address.

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      Sorry, I did mean 787 7th Ave. Cafe Europa is part of that building, but they aren’t the only restaurant there and the Time Square Alliance officer may have been wrong in what he told me – so I don’t want to point fingers.

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      787 is both 52nd and 51st street. The food establishments in the building are Starbucks, McCormick & Schmicks, Bar Americaine, Europa, Bistro, Chop’t, Le Bernardin and Heartland Brewery (and I think there might be one more). I know Le Bernardin complained once when the Kimchi truck was parked right outside the entrance. I don’t want to accuse but I’d say it’s probably Europa or Bistro complaining, I don’t see a reason the others would complain (maybe Chop’t? But the truck’s food is not salad so I don’t see the reason). Anyhow, again, sad.

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    just saw this update from Schnitzel and Things:

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the delayed update. The truck had some mechanical issues and won’t be able to serve today.

    We will be back out tomorrow but won’t be parking on 52nd & 6th. We are still trying to decide where to go and will update everyone once we decide. Sorry for any inconvenience!


    Schnitz Squad

  • Well, clearly 50th btw 6th & 7th isnt a problem. 4 trucks lined back to back there today! (Desi, Big D’s, Sweetery and CrepeTruck).

    As sad as I am that these trucks wont be right outside the office anymore, a rather short walk to 50th I can deal with.

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