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Kosher Shmosher: From Lunch'er "Pigiron": "Doesn't Goodburger realize that a veggie burger cooked in the same kitchen that makes cheeseburgers and milkshakes cannot possibly be Kosher?" Uh... apparently they don't.

More Milkshake Fun: Looks like today is milkshake day... from the comments: "Goodburger has a $2.00 off special on any Milkshake between 3-5pm today." (Regular price is $5.50) All locations are participating. Enjoy!

$2 off Goodburger Combos Again Today: via Twitter: Since last Monday's twitter special was a huge hit, let's do it again! $2.00 OFF any combo, all day, at the 45th Street location only!" (btw. 5+6th)

$2 off Goodburger Combos: via Twitter: "Today ONLY At Goodburger 45th: Get $2.00 Off any goodCombo meal. Spread the word...Just say you read it on twitter." That discount will actually bring a combo into the ML price range. Note that it's only at the location on 45th (btw. 5+6th) and only today (5/4).

Goodburger’s Steak & Egg Is Much Better Than My Wall Quote


I have nobody to blame for this but myself.  Do I think Goodburger has the best combo meal in the city?  Obviously not… but I did post those words on the site (unsurprisingly they didn’t care that it was a half-sarcastic attempt to get Midtown Lunch on their wall of fame.)  Of course they left out the “if only it was cheaper” part, a crucial impediment to fully enjoying Goodburger.  And, the quote is completely misleading now- because at the time I wrote it, it was meant to be kind of a joke- since they were the *only* burger place to offer combo meals in Midtown.  (Since I wrote that, City Burger has appeared with combo meals eerily similar to Goodburger, but Burger Joint and Five Guys still don’t offer them.)

Oh well.  You live and learn.  Now I’m immortalized on their wall as saying something nobody would agree with. (At least I am in good company.)  Awesome.  Well, as long as I’m here I might as well try their Steak & Egg Burger- which was just reintroduced to the menu as a lunchtime item (and an official entry in the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.)

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“Steak & Egg” Makes Its Triumphant Return to Goodburger!

The rumor I reported last week has now been confirmed via Twitter, and re-confirmed on their website:  The “Steak and Egg” burger has been restored to the menu at all Goodburger locations starting today.  When I originally launched the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge back in January, I told restaurants they could pretty much do whatever they wanted… but I did have a few special requests.  First was that somebody do a grease truck sandwich, and second was that Goodburger bring back their formerly breakfast only “Steak & Egg” burger, featuring a burger topped with home fries and a fried egg.  See, Goodburger used to serve breakfast- but when they stopped doing that, the “Steak & Egg” went away.

Nobody has answered the call for a grease truck sandwich- but Goodburger has finally listened to the pleading from the Midtown Lunchers, and brought back the “Steak & Egg”!  Do you want to see it? (Of course you do…)

Steak and egg porn is after the jump…

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Big Burger News: We're hearing rumors that a certain good burger place might be bringing back a certain egg and hash brown topped burger as a possible entry into the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge. And if it happens, it will be served during lunchtime. Details coming soon...

Is ML Finally Going to be Immortalized on the Goodburger Wall?

Back in Feburary of last year I jokingly complained that Midtown Lunch wasn’t on Goodburger’s “Wall of Quotes.” Admittedly I didn’t give them much to work with… until their (now discontinued) breakfast burger with the fried egg and hash brown toppings came out. Well, it took them over a year but apparently they may have gotten the message. This was posted in the comments on Friday by somebody who called themselves Mr. Goodburger:

Sorry it took so long but the wall quotes are part of our pre-opening operations. Since Mr. Midtown Lunch has been more than good to us, we will honor you soon on our wall of fame. Thanks for the loyalty!

Awesome. Now bring back the freakin’ breakfast burger!!!! That thing was amazing. Mr. Goodburger… meet Mr. Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.

Midtown Breakfast: Greatest Breakfast Sandwich of All Time
Goodburger Discontinues Breakfast; Egg Topped Burger Lovers Cry
Original Goodburger Write Up

Goodburger Closed by the DOH

It’s been a bad few weeks for Midtown burgers. First Five Guys gets closed down for a month by a fire, and now this. The Goodburger on 45th btw. 5+6th has been closed by the Department of Health due to a “clerical error on their permit”. (This is probably true, because it is a white DOH sticker, not a yellow DOH sticker.) They hope to reopen today, but you might want to call before heading over. 23 W 45th Street (btw. 5+6th), 212-354-0900

Goodburger Discontinues Breakfast; Egg Topped Burger Lovers Cry

Goodburger's Breakfast Sandwich
This amazingness is no more.

This is the part of my job I like the least… much like a cop telling a parent their kid is dead I have the unfortunate job of letting everyone know that Goodburger has discontinued selling breakfast.  This means no more breakfast burger over a bed of hash browns topped with an egg.  Goodburger now opens at 10am everyday, only serving their lunch menu.  I… promised… myself… I… wouldn’t… cry…

Goodburger… I begged you to have egg topped burgers added to your lunch menu, and this is how you respond?  Getting rid of them entirely?  It’s almost as much of a slap in the face as not being on your wall.  I resubmit my plea.  Please don’t let the egg topped burger go by the Midtown wayside.  It’s the only way you can distinguish yourself from the Five Guys/Burger Joint onslaught.  Pretty please with an egg on top?