Goodburger’s Steak & Egg Is Much Better Than My Wall Quote


I have nobody to blame for this but myself.  Do I think Goodburger has the best combo meal in the city?  Obviously not… but I did post those words on the site (unsurprisingly they didn’t care that it was a half-sarcastic attempt to get Midtown Lunch on their wall of fame.)  Of course they left out the “if only it was cheaper” part, a crucial impediment to fully enjoying Goodburger.  And, the quote is completely misleading now- because at the time I wrote it, it was meant to be kind of a joke- since they were the *only* burger place to offer combo meals in Midtown.  (Since I wrote that, City Burger has appeared with combo meals eerily similar to Goodburger, but Burger Joint and Five Guys still don’t offer them.)

Oh well.  You live and learn.  Now I’m immortalized on their wall as saying something nobody would agree with. (At least I am in good company.)  Awesome.  Well, as long as I’m here I might as well try their Steak & Egg Burger- which was just reintroduced to the menu as a lunchtime item (and an official entry in the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.)


The last time I had it was almost two years ago… and it was at 10:30 in the morning.  It was awesome for breakfast (for obvious reasons) and it’s just as awesome for lunch. Cooking burgers is rarely a science, so quality can fluctuate depending on when you’re there and who is at the grille… but my burger was perfectly cooked medium rare.  And the egg…


Well, the egg was an explosion of eggy goodness (just the way it should be.)  A complete mess of deliciousness. A little bit of ketchup and we were in business.  The only thing that could have possibly made it better was a little bacon… and maybe replacing the bun with maple syrup infused waffles. (You can’t blame me for trying.)

$7 is still a bit expensive for what amounts to a fairly small fast food burger, but the egg and hash browns elevate it into the “I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off” category.  In general, for a burger, I still prefer Five Guys and Burger Joint (both, also expensive for what they are) but there is no question the Steak & Egg burger distinguishes Goodburger from the others in a very crowded Midtown hamburger market.

Come to think of it, that quote would have been much better.

No Love for Midtown Lunch on Burger Wall
Goodburger Original Review (11/29/06)


  • They didnt use my ‘ id fuck this burger’.

    They should.

  • That looks amazing.

    Speaking of the syrup infused waffles, I heard Paula Deen on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me this past weekend, and she was talking about eating a burger in between 2 Krispy Kreme donuts!!

  • Man that steak and egg thing looks AMAZING

  • It is just as amazing as you imagine. Seriously. I recommend going in the evening if you can, as the place is less hectic.

  • @marisa: i present to you the luther burger

    One of my friends had one. He’ll never be the same again. (it gave him super powers. like the power to not die from eating a luther burger)

  • Clint Station Diner has burgers more sizable to our tastes…

    Anyone tried em?

  • They should erase your name for the lack of appreciation you have shown.

  • Good Burger is underated.

  • Zach, Want me to head over there with a Sharpie?

  • in the “food midtown/downtown needs now” category, I nominate the Quadruple Bypass burger from the Heart Attack Grille.

    I was there just a few months ago, and the burger and fries were delicious.

  • I just had the steak and egg burger. It’s not bad not special. I need to eat three of them to be full, and I am only 160lb.

  • @Viktor. I can promise you . . . if you eat one Walgreen’s Sandwich you won’t want another 2.

  • Do you think the 20% off coupon for Walgreens brand will work on the sandwiches??

  • someone needs to give the contractor a level. ny times’ is crooked

  • That NY Times crookedness is caused by the liberal leanings and the crushing financial losses…

  • Dub, are you inferring that people are starting to not buy the paper because it’s all slanted lefty opinion and no news?

    Holy shit, there’s hope for this world yet…

  • Just tried this famed burger.. i think the concept works better in theory than in practice.. it’s really a mess to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily eat out of a bucket head first if the meals worth it (no need to be pretty), but the shame in this burger is you lose half of it everytime you take a bite. Every second was a struggle to keep the egg (the white part) from completely dislodging from the sandwich. The hashbrowns totally jumped ship. Most importantly the yolk, the most quintessential ingredient was a victim of gravity… oozing right off the back of the burger everytime i picked it up (not to mention that after 3 mins, the heat of the burger pretty much cooked the yolk solid). That said, DELICIOUS… but perhaps I actually should go next time with a bucket and just dive in that way.

  • I cant beleive anyone (especially a pro like Zach) would put City Burger (which is a BAD ripoff of goodburger by a pizza man) and 5 Guys (taste the patty alone, yuk) in the same category as goodburger. Goodburger’s quality can only compare to Burger Joint…but i dont need to wait half hour on line at GB….food for thought peeps.

  • @dub, rofl. if only there were a way to have alerts to these comment replies. that response was a gem.

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