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Dunkin Donuts new waffle breakfast sandwich sounds like a great idea in theory, but you know what would be even better? Two waffles with a piece of fried chicken in the middle. Are you paying attention Popeye’s and/or KFC?


  • Zach, If you get a multi-national conglomerate to participate in the ML Challenge I will eat Rudy’s straw boater from Bates on Jermyn

  • I did not go to Harrow!

    Charterhouse, yes.

    Harrow……the bloody cheek.

  • It is, but for the boating and rowing clubs.

    The Boater per’se is seen here as a mark of Harrow.

    I went to Hogwarts for Prep.

  • I stand corrected

    Hogwarts… please cast a furnunculus curse on CockChug, Gay Superman and all vegans

  • I’m not immediately sold on a fast food version of this sandwich. Here are my concerns:

    1. Can a good, fluffy waffle stand up to a piece of suitably crispy fried chicken, or is the waffle breaking down once you put it into a sandwich situation?

    2. Would the chicken need to be circular to fit on the waffle, and if so, are you getting into McNugget territory when it comes to the realness of your chicken?

    3. Can you trust Popeye’s or KFC to make a high-quality waffle? I suppose if Popeye’s can make an amazing(ly greasy) biscuit, they should be able to make a good waffle, but there’s no guarantee.

    4. How do you work in syrup and butter, the all-important role players of chicken and waffles (the Udonis Haslems of C &W, if you will)?

    5. Could/Would Popeye’s or KFC do it without pre-making the sandwiches and then microwaving?

    6. Does it come with a recommendation for a cardiologist?

  • 1. I don’t have the necessary science degrees to answer that question.

    2. Sure. Ain’t no shame in that game. Popeye’s can figure it out. They’re geniuses!

    3. No guarantee… but the optimist in me says yes they can!

    4. Dipping sauces!

    5. See #1

    6. What’s a cardiologist?

  • 4. You forgot gravy Adam, ya C&W bumpkin – everyone knows you use syrup AND gravy

    (and butter if you are english and/or rudy)

  • Wayne – definitely didn’t forget gravy. If I’m going C&W, the gravy’s just getting in the way. Now the other alternative, which speaks to #4 above, is to follow the model at the West Coast’s most underrated fried chicken place, Honey’s Kettle in Culver City: warmed honey and hot sauce…

    But, for the dipping sauces to work on a sandwich, you need a wide container (significantly bigger than a McD’s BBQ sauce container for instance). I’m not settling for the “take a bite and then try to jam the corner into the sauce” move.

    As for #2, I should have trusted Popeye’s – they already have a sandwich on a roll (which they foul up with useless lettuce and tomato). Now if they can make a high-quality waffle, they can put the whole package together.

    Zach, are you proposing this as a breakfast alternative with the egg disc in the middle or pure chicken and waffles?

  • honey & hot sauce….? Adam, bring me back some pleeeeeeeaaasse

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