Goodburger Discontinues Breakfast; Egg Topped Burger Lovers Cry

Goodburger's Breakfast Sandwich
This amazingness is no more.

This is the part of my job I like the least… much like a cop telling a parent their kid is dead I have the unfortunate job of letting everyone know that Goodburger has discontinued selling breakfast.  This means no more breakfast burger over a bed of hash browns topped with an egg.  Goodburger now opens at 10am everyday, only serving their lunch menu.  I… promised… myself… I… wouldn’t… cry…

Goodburger… I begged you to have egg topped burgers added to your lunch menu, and this is how you respond?  Getting rid of them entirely?  It’s almost as much of a slap in the face as not being on your wall.  I resubmit my plea.  Please don’t let the egg topped burger go by the Midtown wayside.  It’s the only way you can distinguish yourself from the Five Guys/Burger Joint onslaught.  Pretty please with an egg on top?


  • MY breakfast tomorrow will consist of 2 bacon, 2 pork sausage, 2 black and white pudding, 2 eggs,sunny up and a fried slice, 2 toast and a very hot sweet tea.

    Im 6 ft 185lbs, 38 and very nearly retired.

    And yes,ive been at the vodka………..:) it’s been a hellluva week..

    If that should interest you.

  • Watch out, Docchuck will be hitting on you next!

  • Thank Goodness!!!!!

    From a health perspective that is. Though it may not matter, since over 25% of all NYC residents have infectious herpes. Or so I’m told.

    I will republish my comments on your previous glowing review of this public health menace.

    “That sandwich looks like a great deal of intestinal trouble. And my wife agrees with me.

    I came down with a rather debilitating bout of salmonella poisoning last year. We kept no filthy turtles in our home, though I did have a rather impressive collection of anoles (which I named after Food Network personalities), as well as my beloved housecat, Mr. Wiggles.

    My doctor ruled out Mr. Wiggles and told me that the cause was likely the anoles, my daily sunny-side up egg or the never-ending salad bowl at the Olive Garden, which I used to patronize several times a week.

    After what I went through (I will not get into the details here), I humanely disposed of the anoles and vowed never to eat eggs or restaurant salads again.”

    Although I am NOT a nutritionist, I AM a PhD and my wife is a respected health professional. Eating a runny egg on top of a burger showing pink inside is playing Russian Roulette with your health. Only an uneducated numbskull would do that.

  • No need to worry Zach! Your savior may be a little too far for some Midtown Lunchers but there is always Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace on 1st Ave.

    Texas Burger w/ Fried Egg on Top (plus 15 or so more!)

    991 1st Ave, New York 10022
    Btwn 54th & 55th St

  • I don’t like eggs (if such things faciliate you) but *twitch* if you find any nuts on your burger and *twitch* don’t want them, I am willing to bite your nuts off.

  • Nice shot. That looks freakin delicious. I am in mourning for you.

  • “much like a cop telling a parent their kid is dead I have the unfortunate job of…..”

    hahah man you are terrible Zach!

  • Hhahahaa…..classic introduction Zach nice work. Laughing out loud over here.

    Much like a parent losing a child I am deeply saddened by this news…..I never even got the chance to try the breakfast burger…why is the world so unfair sometimes?

  • Sad that young people today adopt such a cavalier attitude toward THEIR OWN bowel health.

  • That is probably the most pornographic pic on MidtownLunch. Pink beef, drippy yolk, that orifice between the bun & the eggwhite…

    if only Mamacita was holding it in her hot little hands while sporting a bacon bra, it’d be perfect….

  • This is beyond sad. Like finding out you could have had that supermodel, but then she died in a car accident – that you caused. Too much?

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