Goodburger Closed by the DOH

It’s been a bad few weeks for Midtown burgers. First Five Guys gets closed down for a month by a fire, and now this. The Goodburger on 45th btw. 5+6th has been closed by the Department of Health due to a “clerical error on their permit”. (This is probably true, because it is a white DOH sticker, not a yellow DOH sticker.) They hope to reopen today, but you might want to call before heading over. 23 W 45th Street (btw. 5+6th), 212-354-0900


  • Clerical error on permit = Signature obscured by squished rat turd

  • I can’t believe they have the power to close down a business over a clerical error on a permit. wow.

  • What aload of Bureaucratic BOLLOCKS!

  • Not joking, about 6 months ago saw a rat at the GB in the 40′s on 2nd Avenue. I told the staff behind the counter, and they asked if I still wanted my food!! I doubt this is a clerical error.

  • McBeagle, you are a gobshite.

    Thank God the DOH acted quickly to prevent even more vermin-spread disease.

  • A little overpriced, but GB is still my go-to burger spot in midtown, with or without rat turds

  • OK, Zach….you enforce your “DocChuck” policy exactly when again?

  • I would also like to see the DocChuck new policy enforced in these comments, including the removal of my comments (and ben’s) after DocChuck’s are removed

  • The Notice states
    “Closed – by order of the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene FOR OPERATING WITHOUT A PERMIT”

  • @ Fred and ben: Even though DocChuck’s comments are illegitimate, unfounded and unnecessary they still bring readers to Zach’s website, much the same way as a car accident causes other drivers to slow down and take a peek. Diverse personalities are good for this site whether it be DocChuck, McBeagle, wayne, B&B or Goat. Anything less would be Yelp, and that is just not good.

  • @RB

    I respectfully disagree. If people want to rubberneck around a DocChuck shit storm there’s plenty of other sites he harasses to satisfy their kink. I don’t think he draws anyone to or keeps anyone at ML. Zach said he was going to delete comments that were unrelated to the post and I’m asking him as a loyal reader to keep his word. I’m with Fred, he can delete this whole thread as well for all I care.

  • I see a business idea for web programmers – the concept of a split-screen blog. One half for relevant comments, the other for off-topic remarks and humor. The reader could select one or both as they see fit. Thanks to ben for helping me think up this idea.

  • RB – I confirm what Ben wrote, speciifically that Zach did say he was going to delete DocChuck comments that were his usual non-topical spewing. Like the one in this post. This happens to be the first instance where Zach should be enforcing what he said he’d do.

  • Geez… I can’t even go to lunch. Anyway- as annoying as you find Doc Chuck’s comment, it is kind of on topic. I don’t want to get into the business of trying decide where the line is… I’d rather just everybody be able to comment whatever they want.

    What I meant by deleting off topic remarks was the random comment that literally has nothing to do with the post or any of the comments above it (i.e. not part of the conversation). For example when the good doctor ignores the post and just posts a link to his Myspace page…

  • Awesome standards Zach. So, cursing another commenter and then stating the opposite of the factual truth of the original post is “on topic”? Where have I gotten this feeling before….hmmmm, oh that’s right…the great Walgreens Copout of ’09.

  • Dude, Ben. Chill. I mean, none of us are taking it that personally. Even Rudy doesn’t really chew him out that much anymore. I end up just ignoring it.

  • ben seems to have…. control issues

    being more abrasive and less entertaining than the doc makes benjy a bad boy

  • Zach, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, 20 lashes with a wet udon.

    You had lunch and didn’t blog about it?

  • My dearest ben,

    Please undo the wad of panties stuck in your crack.

    McBeagle was hamhandedly criticising government officials for closing the restaurant.

    I merely pointed out that this was wrongheaded, as the “Bureaucratic BOLLOCKS,” so-called, as saving countless New Yorkers from disease caused by a rodent and vermin-filled restaurant.

    Your hissy fits are unbecoming to you and are a detraction to this site.

  • I don’t understand the big deal about Good Burger. Their burgers are dry and overpriced.

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