Goodburger Closed by the DOH

It’s been a bad few weeks for Midtown burgers. First Five Guys gets closed down for a month by a fire, and now this. The Goodburger on 45th btw. 5+6th has been closed by the Department of Health due to a “clerical error on their permit”. (This is probably true, because it is a white DOH sticker, not a yellow DOH sticker.) They hope to reopen today, but you might want to call before heading over. 23 W 45th Street (btw. 5+6th), 212-354-0900


  • goodburger has been re-opened. Must have been a Permit Violation rather than a food safety issue, or else they wouldn’t be able to re-open today.

    So Wayne you can take your comment back.

  • Check: Rat turd successfully spatula-ed off permit.

  • Well, crap. Fuck, even. Looks like DocChuck can post anything that does not include links to his psychopathic “blog”. I’m disappointed in you, Zach – I thought you finally understood.

  • Tuesday February 17th 2009 will forevermore be known as ‘Tragic Tuesday’ here on MTL — the day that Zach declared that DocChuck was pretty much free to write pretty much whatever he wants to, topical or not. A moment of silence, please, as we all mourn.

  • I will continue to think of Tuesday, February 17th as my young wife’s birthday. If that’s ok with you.

    I am heartened that Goodburger finally got it’s paperwork in proper order.

  • Wednesday February 18th 2009 will forevermore be known to me as ‘Weeping Wednesday’ — the day that ‘Fred’ forgot to put on his Big Girl panties.

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