Is ML Finally Going to be Immortalized on the Goodburger Wall?

Back in Feburary of last year I jokingly complained that Midtown Lunch wasn’t on Goodburger’s “Wall of Quotes.” Admittedly I didn’t give them much to work with… until their (now discontinued) breakfast burger with the fried egg and hash brown toppings came out. Well, it took them over a year but apparently they may have gotten the message. This was posted in the comments on Friday by somebody who called themselves Mr. Goodburger:

Sorry it took so long but the wall quotes are part of our pre-opening operations. Since Mr. Midtown Lunch has been more than good to us, we will honor you soon on our wall of fame. Thanks for the loyalty!

Awesome. Now bring back the freakin’ breakfast burger!!!! That thing was amazing. Mr. Goodburger… meet Mr. Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.

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