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Golosi Expands to Koreatown: 5th Ave. between 32nd and 34th is becoming quite the ice cream hotspot. The blog Food in a Nutshell is reporting that Golosi has opened a gelato-only location on 5th btw. 32nd+33rd. Although if I'm in that area, it would take a lot to pull me away from the amazing frozen custard being sold at the newly opened Spoon City (on 5th btw. 33+34th).

Golosi Now Being Sold at Old Bridge Deli

golosiexpressHere’s a strange marketing decision… Remember Golosi, the by the inch pizza and gelato place that took over the old Yolato spot on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd.  Well, it looks like they are now selling Golosi branded gelato in other locations. (Thanks to Lunch’er Dave for sending in this photo of Golosi being sold in the Old Bridge Deli on Lex. and 41st.) I thought we had confirmation that Golosi was pretty much the same owners and product as Yolato, but in different packaging.  So it seems strange that they would do anything to confuse the situation.  Yolato is already being sold at a large number of Midtown delis. I tried to get more info on their website, but it’s just a static page designed to look like a website.  Very strange… UPDATE: Apparently any similarities between Golosi and Yolato (and there are a lot of them) are just a coincidence. A rep from Golosi has emailed in to say that “Golosi and Yolato are two different companies with different owners.” And their website is under construction. Their “temporary website” (an online ordering page, run by Seamless Web) can be found here.

How Many Inches Before It’s Too Much?: Blondie and Brownie become the latest site to weigh in on Golosi, the new pizza/gelato combo on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd. They seem much more excited about the presence of frozen Yolato soft serve, but had some nice things to say about the potato pizza as well (despite worrying "How many inches is too many inches?")

Yolato Confirmation: The gelato display at the newly opened Golosi (on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd) "has remained exactly the same" as when it was Yolato. [Elaine Perlov]

You Decide: How Does Golosi Measure Up


Stopped by Golosi (the new pizza/gelato place on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd) today and, as promised, my pizza purchase came with a free scoop of gelato. (They didn’t skimp either… there is a lot of room left in the cup because they gave me the larger cup so I could take it to go with a lid.)  The Yolato looking signs are still up, so it probably is the same gelato as before (but I can’t say that for sure).  As for the pizza… well, I’m not good as passing judgement on pizza, so I may leave this one up to you guys.


On the plus side, they only charged me $2.71 for my 3 inches (which made no sense since supposedly it’s 99 cents an inch) and the slice they cut me was actually 4 inches! (I measured)  Tasted pretty good, although I can’t decide if it’s going to be good enough to replace any of the goto pizza spots in the area.  The by the inch thing is fun, but I could see it getting pricey once you start getting the slices with toppings.  My slice was almost big enough to be worth it, but they also gave me 4 inches (I only paid for free three.)  There are certain places where you feel like you are getting a great deal, and others where you never quite feel like the price works out in your favor (regardless of whether it does or doesn’t.)  This probably falls into the latter category.

Speaking of toppings, they had the hot dog topped pizza- and it’s crazier looking than you could imagine.  Check it out after the jump…

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Golosi Brings its Pizza By the Inch (and Gelato) to Grand Central Area

Conflicting reports this morning about a new pizza place on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd called Golosi. Urbandaddy says they opened yesterday and reported it this way: “In the shadow of Grand Central Station in a small, modern little shop is a new pizza and gelato maker quietly pumping out classic thin crusts and some fresh ice cream for your Midtown snacking needs.” It says snacking, because they sell their Sicilian style pizza “by the inch” (?!?)

Strong Buzz, on the other hand, is reporting that they open tomorrow, and will be giving away free gelato with every pizza purchase. That’s right… they also have 28 flavors of house made gelato.

I have confirmation that they are definitely going to be open today, but am waiting to hear back about the gelato.  Who among you early adopters will check out this madness and report back in the comments!?! (I have other plans for lunch today, but will definitely be showing up for the free gelato tomorrow- if it’s happening. More when I find out…)

UPDATE: Grub Street brings it all together with a slideshow, menu, and your first look at the pizza which is a kind of pricey sounding 99 cents to $1.50 per inch.  Plus they confirm that tomorrow is free gelato day! (“With the purchase of a pie.”  Whatever that means…)

Golosi, 125 Park Ave (btw. 41+42nd), 212-922-1169

Photo courtesy of Urbandaddy