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Golosi Now Being Sold at Old Bridge Deli

golosiexpressHere’s a strange marketing decision… Remember Golosi, the by the inch pizza and gelato place that took over the old Yolato spot on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd.  Well, it looks like they are now selling Golosi branded gelato in other locations. (Thanks to Lunch’er Dave for sending in this photo of Golosi being sold in the Old Bridge Deli on Lex. and 41st.) I thought we had confirmation that Golosi was pretty much the same owners and product as Yolato, but in different packaging.  So it seems strange that they would do anything to confuse the situation.  Yolato is already being sold at a large number of Midtown delis. I tried to get more info on their website, but it’s just a static page designed to look like a website.  Very strange… UPDATE: Apparently any similarities between Golosi and Yolato (and there are a lot of them) are just a coincidence. A rep from Golosi has emailed in to say that “Golosi and Yolato are two different companies with different owners.” And their website is under construction. Their “temporary website” (an online ordering page, run by Seamless Web) can be found here.

Yolato Confirmation: The gelato display at the newly opened Golosi (on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd) "has remained exactly the same" as when it was Yolato. [Elaine Perlov]

Wednesday is Free Yolato Day in Midtown!

No more delays… the Yolato on Park Ave. (btw. 41+42nd), that we’ve been waiting for since July,  is finally opening;  and to celebrate, they are giving away free Yolato all day long (11am to 11pm)!  And while it’s not a Lenny’s/Yolato combo outlet (as one site incorrectly reported yesterday), it will be the biggest Yolato yet (possibly until the one inside the Empire State Building opens in December???).

As for the Lenny’s/Yolato merger that just happened, the first Lenny’s to start serving Yolato will be the one on 9th St. & 6th Ave.  There are no announced plans for the Midtown Lenny’s locations- but once it all gets worked out, there will in fact be Yolato available at all Lenny’s big enough to accomodate it.  Until then, enjoy the new Yolato location outside of Grand Central!  (Did I mention it’s opening tomorrow, and there’s free Yolato all day long?)  God I love free food…