You Decide: How Does Golosi Measure Up


Stopped by Golosi (the new pizza/gelato place on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd) today and, as promised, my pizza purchase came with a free scoop of gelato. (They didn’t skimp either… there is a lot of room left in the cup because they gave me the larger cup so I could take it to go with a lid.)  The Yolato looking signs are still up, so it probably is the same gelato as before (but I can’t say that for sure).  As for the pizza… well, I’m not good as passing judgement on pizza, so I may leave this one up to you guys.


On the plus side, they only charged me $2.71 for my 3 inches (which made no sense since supposedly it’s 99 cents an inch) and the slice they cut me was actually 4 inches! (I measured)  Tasted pretty good, although I can’t decide if it’s going to be good enough to replace any of the goto pizza spots in the area.  The by the inch thing is fun, but I could see it getting pricey once you start getting the slices with toppings.  My slice was almost big enough to be worth it, but they also gave me 4 inches (I only paid for free three.)  There are certain places where you feel like you are getting a great deal, and others where you never quite feel like the price works out in your favor (regardless of whether it does or doesn’t.)  This probably falls into the latter category.

Speaking of toppings, they had the hot dog topped pizza- and it’s crazier looking than you could imagine.  Check it out after the jump…


For $2.71 my 3 inches of plain and free scoop of gelato were completely worth it.  Moving forward though, I’m still not a believer just yet.  Have you been?  Let us know what you think in the comments…

Golosi, 125 Park Ave. (btw. 41+42nd), 212-922-1169


  • It looks like you caught the hot dogs in the middle of a dance number.

  • Lorena Bobbit must work there.

  • Tube steak pizza by the inch… sounds like a Saturday night at Mamacita’s place

  • You only payed for free?

    That meens some one else mite have too paye exttra for there inchs.

    Yew stollen from them

  • What is UP with the hot dogs on the pizza? Has Italian turned Japanese in this town? I do like the idea of free gelato with pizza, however. That I can get behind.

  • That hotdog pizza is fucked up.

    And somewhat frightening.

  • the box of vinyl protection gloves in the background is disturbingly fitting

  • Comment from wayne
    Tube steak pizza by the inch… sounds like a Saturday night at Mamacita’s place

    Wayne are you offering me your one incher? ;-p

  • yes…. but only because anastasia already reserved the rest

  • The perfect lunch for those who enjoy italian food and diarrhea when they only have 30 minutes to eat and run.

  • “and it’s crazy looking than you are imagining.”


  • as i commented on your earlier post of golosi, this pizza is subpar at best and i probably wouldnt go back if they were giving it away…the gelato was legit

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