Golosi Brings its Pizza By the Inch (and Gelato) to Grand Central Area

Conflicting reports this morning about a new pizza place on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd called Golosi. Urbandaddy says they opened yesterday and reported it this way: “In the shadow of Grand Central Station in a small, modern little shop is a new pizza and gelato maker quietly pumping out classic thin crusts and some fresh ice cream for your Midtown snacking needs.” It says snacking, because they sell their Sicilian style pizza “by the inch” (?!?)

Strong Buzz, on the other hand, is reporting that they open tomorrow, and will be giving away free gelato with every pizza purchase. That’s right… they also have 28 flavors of house made gelato.

I have confirmation that they are definitely going to be open today, but am waiting to hear back about the gelato.  Who among you early adopters will check out this madness and report back in the comments!?! (I have other plans for lunch today, but will definitely be showing up for the free gelato tomorrow- if it’s happening. More when I find out…)

UPDATE: Grub Street brings it all together with a slideshow, menu, and your first look at the pizza which is a kind of pricey sounding 99 cents to $1.50 per inch.  Plus they confirm that tomorrow is free gelato day! (“With the purchase of a pie.”  Whatever that means…)

Golosi, 125 Park Ave (btw. 41+42nd), 212-922-1169

Photo courtesy of Urbandaddy


  • I work near there and I haven’t been in, but it looks like its been open for a while, since it always seems to be open when I go to the subway for the past few weeks. Looks like a pretty quick transition from the Yolato to this place with minimal changes.

  • What is the difference pizza-wise between this joint and Naples, except that Naples is much much cheaper?

  • I think this may be the same fools who owned PINCH (Pizza by the Inch) on 28th and Park—-f’ing rippoff. Trendy pizza BS. It lasted about a year before it closed back in 2006. It was like eating pizza crackers—for a $1.50 per cracker. To get full, you’d need to spend 10-15 bucks for lunch easy. It was STUPID. I hope this place is not the same, but from the photos, the product looks eerily similar.

  • @ Goats – I was thinking the exact same thing…

  • I work half a block from there. It is right next to the subway and has been open since last week. They gave out samples of frozen yogurt, gelato and pizza in front of their store sometime last week. If you go in, you can definitely ask for a small sample of any flavor. Yesterday when I left work, they were outside giving out pizza samples.

  • I tried two free samples yesterday–one had sopressata on it and the other just plain cheese.
    They both tasted just okay: a bit too crispy and not a lot of sauce.

  • Grub street says free gelato with the purchase of a pie… lol one free scoop for spending how much on a pie??

  • @Lou – Yeah, I just added that part to the post… I’m trying to find out from the PR person the exact details. I’ll post it when I find out.

  • “house-made gelato??” it’s a freaking yolato that they threw a pizza-oven into . lame.

  • Went there just now. Pizza is decent…. a little salty.

    If you are going to charge by the inch, I think they should measure – not use the side of the spatula as their guide.

    I think I have a good idea what 7″ should look like. Theirs was more like 5 1/2″
    (I bet some of the ML readers can relate to that)

  • Overpriced for what I got. I feel like I could have gotten at least 75% more at Naples for the same price. Also the dough is undercooked, though, in fairness, they looked a little harried. Gelato looked tasty.

  • Yep—based on Meyekull’s comment, this is PINCH all over again with the gelato twist. My advice is steer clear–the 2 or 3 times I went to the original PINCH for a snack I felt totally hosed pricewise (not to mention totally unsatisfied hungerwise)….

  • I can’t be optimistic about this place. Clearly they are going to target the hundreds of people that stand right outside their front door waiting for the Airport Express buses every day – most of whom are tourists who will pay top dollar to grab a bite before heading to the airport.

    Hell, I bet Walgreens could probably set up a kiosk there and sell a bunch of their premade sandwiches for $10 to non-the-wiser tourists….

  • PINCH is still open on the UWS. THis place is totally different. Rude service (“can’t you tell we are out of plain!!”), and the pizza looked kind of nasty so we walked out. Tried a bite of the coffee gelato which was way to sweet and did not have a strong coffee flavor.

  • Yeah, I found out this place isn’t related to Pinch…

  • i couldn’t be more disappointed, this was definitely one of the more tasteless slices of pizza i have ever had in my life. It is hard to mess up a cheese pizza, but somehow they failed at every turn. The crust was unseasoned and had a rather doughy undercooked flavor and texture, the sauce was extremely bland and seemed to be just crushed tomatos out of a can, and to top it off the cheese was not completed melted and chewy (in a bad way). although they did bring our group cups of gelato and frozen yogurt all of which were delicious, as a friend so aptly put it, “you’d be shot if you tried to serve this slice in naples.”

  • Oh man. This was not good at all. The dough which they say is flown in from Italy and cooked with pork fat was overly chewy for what calls itself thin crust. And the sauce literally tasted like an unseasoned can of crusched tomatoes. Just plain not worth it by any stretch of the imagination.

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