Wednesday is Free Yolato Day in Midtown!

No more delays… the Yolato on Park Ave. (btw. 41+42nd), that we’ve been waiting for since July,  is finally opening;  and to celebrate, they are giving away free Yolato all day long (11am to 11pm)!  And while it’s not a Lenny’s/Yolato combo outlet (as one site incorrectly reported yesterday), it will be the biggest Yolato yet (possibly until the one inside the Empire State Building opens in December???).

As for the Lenny’s/Yolato merger that just happened, the first Lenny’s to start serving Yolato will be the one on 9th St. & 6th Ave.  There are no announced plans for the Midtown Lenny’s locations- but once it all gets worked out, there will in fact be Yolato available at all Lenny’s big enough to accomodate it.  Until then, enjoy the new Yolato location outside of Grand Central!  (Did I mention it’s opening tomorrow, and there’s free Yolato all day long?)  God I love free food…


  • Great, fucked up icecream, in nyc, in winter.

    Did i mention my Wife’s hair removal laser treatment?

    Special rate for gay supermen/vegetarians.

  • Oh Rudy, dont you know that frozen yogurt (or yoghurt for the dirty foreign types) is the coolest hippest thing to hit new york since the brazilian wax? Thank god, soon new york will be nothing but Starbucks, McDonalds, Duanne Reade, Chase banks, and frozen yogurt shops. This whole diversity thing gives me hives.

  • My friend just let me know they’re only giving out samples

  • “gay superman” = redundant

  • He’s lost his job?

  • only samples? screw that.

  • Correct. They have a girl standing out front with a tray and tiny cups. Not worth going for the samples alone.

    I’m finishing a cup of pomegranate sorbet and it’s quite good. I can’t say I was very on board with the yogurt crazy until this, but sign me up!

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