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Go Go Curry Introduces $5 Early Bird Special

Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th) has a brand new deal through the end of July that appeals to both my cheapness, as well as my early onset hunger (I still can’t understand how people wait until after 1pm to eat lunch!)  Every day from 11am to Noon you’ll be able to get any medium size curry from Go Go Curry for just $5 (eat in or take out only, no additional toppings.)  The deal is limited to the first 30 orders each day, so what are you waiting for!?!

Go Go Curry Hits a Japanese Curry Grand Slam
Opening Day Means The Return of Free Toppings at Go Go Curry

Robyn Lee is a Midtown Lunch’er


The Serious Eats offices are about 5 blocks outside the official Midtown Lunch’ing range, but it looks like on Friday Robyn Lee (their photographer extraordinaire and expert on all things manatee) found herself at two Midtown Lunch favorites: Go Go Curry, followed by a little dessert at Ying Du (both on 38th btw. 7+8th.)  Nice choices!

Make Your Own Bo Lo Bao/Pork Chop Sandwich at Ying Du
Go Go Curry Hits a Japanese Curry Grand Slam

Gentleman Joe Takes the 1st Annual Go Go Curry Eating Championship

The 5 competitors with the owner of Go Go Curry (in the Yankees gear)

On Saturday “Gentleman” Joe Manchetti dispatched four other competitors to win the first ever Go Go Curry Eating Championship. I was there to witness the carnage, and quite frankly I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. Sure, I’ve been to an all you can eat buffet with professional competitive eaters- but that was like dining at the Four Seasons compared to this spectacle. After watching these 5 guys compete, I’m embarrassed to have ever referred to myself as “fat”.

The photos are after the jump.

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Go Go Curry’s Eating Championship is Tomorrow


The finals of the Go Go Curry Eating Championship are tomorrow (Saturday, May 30th) at 5pm.  Four semi professional eaters and a complete unknown will face off in a Japanese curry eating battle to the death of epic proportions(?)  I think the sign says it all (in more ways than one.) To say this is going to be the epitome of grossness would be the understatement of the year. Watch the carnage go down live on JustinTV.

The Go Go Curry Final 5 is Set


Last night was the final preliminary time trial for the Go Go Curry Championship, so the finals are now set. Here are the 5 finalists that will be competing for the $500 first prize:

1. “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti (:37)
2. Paul Arcaria (:53)
3. Masato Tomita (:55)
4. Don “Moses” Lerman (1:00)
5. Dale “Mouth of the South” Boone (1:07)

So, with four out of five of the contestants all having some pro competitive eating experience, this event is shaping up to be a battle between “Gentleman” Joe and Don Lerman- who apparently are still feuding over something that happened years ago. The lone darkhorse appears to be Masato Tomita, the only name out of the five that when google’d doesn’t turn up some random gross eating competition.

The final round will take place on May 30th, inside Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th) at 5pm. The place is tiny, but they do have four audience member spots to give away (plus their guests.) If you’d like to enter for one of those spots, email

Is Go Go Curry’s Eating Championship Turning Into a Parade of Pro Eating “Has Beens”?
Go Go Curry Launches Annual Eating Competition

Is Go Go Curry’s Eating Championship Turning Into a Parade of Pro Eating “Has Beens”?

The final chance to qualify for the Go Go Curry Eating Championship is this Wednesday from 6 to 8pm (on 38th btw. 7+8th), but if you don’t think you can eat 2 small orders of curry over rice in under 73 seconds- don’t bother.  The top 5 qualifying times advance to the finals (which are scheduled for May 30th) and right now according to the official Go Go Curry website the fifth place qualifying time is 1 minute and 13 seconds (although Lunch’er Eric checked in to say that he and another eater eater broke the 1:08 barrier, but haven’t been added to the list yet. So really you’ve gotta be around 60 seconds to make it.)

But then, even if you do qualify, you’ll run smack into 3 (possibly) professional eaters.  Don “Moses” Lerman was the first pro-eater to enter- throwing down a 1:00 prelim score which was quickly destroyed by “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti (also a pro eater, of sorts.)  Now we’re hearing that Dale “Mouth of the South” Boone will try and qualify on May 20th.

None of these guys are members of the IFOCE (the official pro eating organization that runs the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating thing on July 4th) because they don’t allow participation in unsanctioned events like this… but they are all experienced competitive eaters. I don’t know anything about this stuff, so I checked in with Crazy Legs Conti, the official Midtown Lunch expert on all things competitive eating.

His thoughts on Joe, Don, Dale, has-beens, hobbyists, picnickers, and The Godfather are after the jump.

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Go Go Curry Update: 2nd Anniversary Means $5 Curry; Pro Eater Destroys Lerman’s Time

Cinco de Mayo is $5 day at Go Go Curry
Last year’s sign still applies

Tomorrow (5/5) is Go Go Curry’s 2nd Anniversary, so if you’re looking to have a Japanese Cinco de Mayo head to 38th btw. 7+8th where all Small, Medium and Large orders of curry (with any topping) are only $5.  (They’re kind of obsessed with the number 5.)  And while we’re on the topic of Go Go Curry, there are still 4 more opportunities to qualify for their big Eating Championship, happening on May 30th.  Retired professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman looked to be unstoppable with his qualifying time of 1:00 (to eat two Small orders of curry.)

But since then, 2 eaters have beat his time… including one who did it so quick you are just not going to believe it.

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Amateurs Complain That Pro Eater is Ruining Go Go Curry Contest

The complaints have been pouring in since it was reported that retired professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman has entered the Go Go Curry Eating Championship. His preliminary time (to eat 2 small portions of curry with rice) was an amazing one minute, and a lot of competitors are already getting discouraged.  After all, what are the chances a layman is going to beat Lerman.  (Pro competitive eaters are banned from entering any events unsanctioned by the IOCE.)

In fact, Midtown Lunch’er Tom- who agreed to be our representative in the competition, backed out half way through his “training”. The video, plus Go Go Curry’s response to the complaints, is after the jump…

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Don Lerman’s Go Go Curry Speed Eating Video Surfaces

Yesterday we reported that (retired) professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman has entered the Go Go Curry Eating Championship with an amazing preliminary qualifying time of one minute. Today, Lunch’er Lydia informed us in the comments that there is video proof of Lerman’s time. And folks… it is ugly.

If you were considering entering the competition, thinking it would be a fun way to show your friends how much you could eat (and possibly win $500 for doing it) this video might make you reconsider. Some might say Lerman’s presence puts a damper on the whole competition… after all who is going to want to enter knowing they are going to lose to a pro eater. But I look at it a different way. No matter how much you love basketball, you are never going to get to go one on one with LeBron James. But if you love to eat, this is your chance to go toe to toe with one of the greats! And who knows… maybe there will be a Buster Douglas moment.

The very intimidating video is after the jump…

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Don “Moses” Lerman Sets High Bar at Go Go Curry Competition

If you were interested in entering the Go Go Curry eating contest, there is good news and bad news.  The good news is: only 10 people have entered over the course of 3 preliminary rounds.  The bad news?  The time to beat is 1 minute… and it was set by Don “Moses” Lerman, a professional eater you may recognize from past Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competitions.  One thing though- I was under the impression Go Go Curry’s event would be off limits to professionals since it is not an officially sanctioned IFOCE competition.  What gives?

I checked in with our resident competitive eating expert “Crazy Legs” Conti, who cleared up the brewing controversy.

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